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    Default Share your MMO roadblocks.

    What's a roadblock? it's a point in most MMOs (usualy there are more then one of these points in an MMO but one major one) where you cannot progress any further because you either

    A. need alot of organizing to do so (needing a group of certain classes on at a certain time so you can goto a dungeon that's the only decent exp at your level).

    B.needing vast amounts of in game currency to progress.

    C.Other factor depending on the game.

    if you decide to progress without accomplishing what's blocking you it's going to be painfully slow.

    so here are some of my stuck points in various MMOs


    Cabal Online


    Just to clarify. Road Blocks are not points that you cannot progress beyond but points that slow your progress to a hault.

    So share some of yours !

  2. Alligator Straight Male
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    Default Re: Share your MMO roadblocks.

    Honestly, what's the point anymore besides becoming stronger and grinding at LHC/SH?

  3. Default Re: Share your MMO roadblocks.

    Nexon doesn't like updating their games for newer hardware.

  4. Default Re: Share your MMO roadblocks.

    Conquer Online, circa 2004-2005

    Guild Wars

    Maple Story

    Most of my problems in MMOs are social and not having sufficient connections to do things, which one could argue is the entire point of an MMO. Without connections in MMOs you're going to have a bad time. Also free2play-pay2win systems have a huge roadblock in the form of whatever currency they're charging you for built into them in any case.



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