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    Default Wifi event - Darkrai

    Darkrai distribution starting May 9th! :3

    Been wanting one of these since the 4th gen was revealed. Can't wait to finally get one

  2. Default Re: Wifi event - Darkrai

    That's awesome. Thanks for the news, I love you. ~Been wanting Darkrai for a long time as well~

  3. Default Re: Wifi event - Darkrai

    Another Darkrai eh? I still have managed to miss every Arceus event to date. Makes me sad.

  4. Default Re: Wifi event - Darkrai

    Actually, if my memory is correct, you can still get an Arceus sent to your Dream World. This event ends May 1st IIRC.
    Also, first Arceus and now Darkrai? I wonder if I can get the Shaymin I missed (Arceus and Darkrai are being given out for two different reasons, but I can hope! ^^)

  5. Default Re: Wifi event - Darkrai

    Darkrai now available via Mystery Gift, was released for download early.



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