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    I'm such a huge nerd lol xD Since I was the AutoCAD Manager for my Civil Engineering Senior Design team, I decided to bust out my skills and take it to the next level with dynamic blocks. The result is a gigantic chart complete with layers and such, effective up to the Lulu Patch. Other than the oddball missing range that nothing lists, I did not include sight ranges of the various skills and stuff. With exception to Oracle's Elixir, it's pretty silly to include LoS range comparisons.

    Download: 444 KB PDF file

    Notes and Disclaimers:
    -- I don't know the exact distance, but the default champion LoS is 1200 or thereabouts. I dunno. For finer scales, 1 segment of Anivia's Wall is 100 units.
    -- Standard melee auto-attack range is 125, with the occasional 175 for mostly aesthetic reasons (it's actually strong on Fizz though). Standard AD carry auto-attack range is 550. Mages have quite a bit of variance around that if they're ranged.
    -- Targeted effects tend to be a bit short-ranged. Non-targeted skills have a much longer range, but are generally dodgeable. Ultimates obviously have superior ranges in general.
    -- Passive buff auras generally have 1200 radius. Passive debuff auras generally have 1000 radius. Damage auras are 400 radius or less.
    -- Auto-attack ranges should actually be longer than is shown in the chart. This is because the server calculates whether or not you're in range to auto-attack by the distance from edge to edge between your champion and the target (it also explains why sometimes you ult as Twitch to attack a tower, only to completely miss). The reason why it is done this way is so that the design teams don't have to worry about melee champions being unable to attack due to being fatter than their attack range, especially if you're Cho'Gath. I'm not aware of a way to reliably measure champion sizes, nor do I want to make the effort of doing this, so this is your disclaimer.
    -- Everything else AFAIK has distances calculated based on center to center. Range indicators may not necessarily correlate with the actual skill range and effect, and the same is true with map visuals and collision/bush area data.
    -- Skills that are purely benefits for allies are green. If the skill has a dual purpose of healing/hurting, it will not appear green. This is because I found that skills that are purely buffs have a much larger cast range than skills that can damage opponents.
    -- I wasn't sure what convention I wanted for hard/soft CCs. There's quite a bit of information to convey. Ultimately, I decided to kick the can down the road.
    -- Whoops, forgot Zeke's Herald >.<
    -- Zilean for some reason does not appear on a layer in the PDF.

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    this is actually because rats ultimate is a mix between skillshot and right click... he shoots at the thing you click on, but its a penetrating line projectile and not something like ryze's q

    when youre at the edge of its range, it can miss

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    Which basically describes all skillshots =P Nevertheless, Twitch is a great example that demonstrates my point.

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    difference being skillshots dont *require* you to click a champ for it to be shot, you can click anywhere



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