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    Crunchyroll just launched its service for Latin America! (Direct Crunchyroll link)
    MCAnime (the largest hispanic anime site) is supporting this service, and it's going to take down DDL links to licensed series.
    As expected from latin americans, they don't want to pay money to "stupid greedy gringos" for "censored" (what the hell, CR doesn't censor anything) streaming anime.

    I think it's great that this service is finally available here, and the fee is not expensive at all. The only "bad" thing is that you can't download the episodes. I don't like streaming. Anyways, downloadable episodes will never happen, or if they will, it's not going to be anytime soon (and will possibly be expensive). Regardless of streaming, it has good video quality, so no problems. It also needs more payment methods.

    So, how long until [SubsHorribles]?

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    The price seems nice (about 50 bucks per year here from what the chart says) but the whole credit card thing gonna be a problem and the streaming :S here 10mbps is something like 50 bucks a month plus the ping... lets say its not good half the time (500 just to Dallas at some hours, usually at ~200 almot all day).

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    Please delete if possible.

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    Default Re: Crunchyroll for Latin America

    This is retarded and it's gonna fail miserably sadly.

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    I can't say I like it, but I can't really complain. Pirate fansubs are obviously on the wrong here. The fact MCAnime is supporting it is both a noble gesture and a death sentence for their site. I just hope Crunchyroll can provide a great quality product (I haven't heard many good things from it's american version, but not like all latin subs were of excellent quality anyway) and provides many ways of access to their service.

    Now back to animeseason and animeultima
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    If you're watching any streams of anything crunchyroll subs, I guarantee they're just ripping the Crunchyroll version and reuploading it.

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    Well I just found out their player isn't the kind that downloads the video once so you can replay it all you want, but rather it plays it directly from their servers or something and has to redownload every damm time you wanna go back or forth. That is a massive problem with a slow internet conection so screw it, business su'cks

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    .... You just admitted in your previous post that you watch anime on streaming sites. It's obviously not a problem for you...

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    Are they doing this for Portuguese too? I guess not. I still prefer English subs anyway since most of the Portuguese subs are:
    1) Made for Portugal, not Brazil so the vocab is slightly strange.
    2) Translated from English, not from Japanese so there's twice the loss of content in translation.
    3) Just generally bad.

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    They do have good quality (at least for english subs). Most fansubs are based on Crunchyroll translations, anyways. If their spanish subs are on the same level, they will certainly be far better than most spanish fansubs that just do (bad) translations of english subs.

    Now that's the problem. I hate that kind of player.

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    In the two sites I mentioned earlier, there are usually many players available for choice, so even if I don't like one I catch try another player until I feel confortable (or just have to suck up with it). If continuous download players are called streaming, what are the players like YouTube's called?



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