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    I'm surprised such a popular series doesn't have a discussion topic yet. Let's fix that. Feel free to discuss anything related to the Mass Effect universe here, and try to keep the ME3 ending rants to a minimum.

    I'm also looking for skilled players to tackle silver and gold difficulty in multi-player (Playstation 3 version). Ill PM anyone interested in that with my game ID.

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    Yeah I was pretty surprised that there wasn't a sole thread for ME, too, but I was too lazy to bother making one.

    I finished ME3 about a week ago, and aside from a few minor complaints and the obvious rage about the ending(s), I loved the game. It would've been perfect if it weren't for the ending(s) and the stuff left open-ended, but don't get me wrong, it was still an amazing game. Some scenes that occur even make up for all the problems, alone.

    I plan on doing a second playthrough soon enough, but I don't know if I wanna wait for that "extended cut" DLC they are planning before I do it or not. My first playthrough was as an Infiltrator (Sniper at heart, baby), but I think this second playthrough I'm going to be an Adept or Vanguard, something that focuses on Biotics, since the Infiltrator really only has like one or two powers in its entirety.

    As for the ME3 multiplayer, I haven't even tried it yet. I was waiting on my friend Max to play it, but he got the game before me and burnt himself out on the multiplayer, so he's still "recovering". But it looks entertaining, in the least.

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    I've been playing adepts a lot. They're easily the most versatile class in the game.

    Multi-player is a great addition to the game. Its fast, frantic, and frantic. There's literally no way to come out alive, outside of easy mode, unless you're actively talking and forming strategies with your team.

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    Yeah, it sounds like it'll be fun. The only tip I have got so far for multiplayer is that if I like the Infiltrator class, that I should aim to get the Salarian Infiltrator. Though I know they're releasing a new class with the latest DLC pack, a Geth Infiltrator, so I'll have to see what skills it comes with.

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    I've yet to unlock any of the new classes yet, but from what I can tell the krogan vanguard is absolutely devastating. I'm still playing a drell adept in multiplayer. They're so deadly and effective with light weapons and their powers recharge fast enough to deal with enemies without having to shoot anything.

    Anyway I'll PM you guys my game ID later today.



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