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  1. Default Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    Let's get straight to the point. We should totally make the community's voice heard. But, always consider they are real people, a company, etc. It's their decision how they make money and the likes...

    But with that said, I think it'd be interesting if you expressed your feelings towards the game, and more importantly, what could be improved. Tweaks, if you prefer it. Nobody likes to see a game halfway done, so it'd quite nice if small fixes were adressed.

    Consider that KMS is a fairly accurate future, so add on to that. I'll start with my suggestions first then! As an example. I'll add more and more as people suggest them.

    Create a user contribution site

    Well, let's be fair here. Steam is a great company, that sets a failry impressive precedent. I'm talking about their Steam workshop. It simply works as a page where people adds their own submissions. Simple as that. But not just simple MSPaint cut and paste jobs... No, in their workshop, they include things that take almost no effort to patch in the game. SO, skins from TF2 become actual weapons ingame, and the creators get credic, and even reap benefits.

    The way Maplestory is, people could simply draw all of the sprites of a weapon/armor/enemy/skill, in a file format the Nexon Team could handle. This way, people could even contribute FULL CLASSES, covering animations and all. And as for compensation, I'm quite certain most people would simply accept a gameplay incentive as payment. All depends on their ToS.

    This way, everyone gets what they want. Both things implemented (could be new gachapon things, or masteria drops for all you know), and work saved!

    Polish the monster book

    This suggestion is quite simple. The monster book is stuck in its release. There's a lot to add still, and it'd be amazing if it was actually up to date. Main things I'm missing are:
    -New sets and therefore stats
    -New cards
    -New familiars (debatable, might not be that easy to implement)

    As for the new cards, I'm not only talking about that new mud monster with a sprout over its head... I'm also talking about Zakum summons, for example, that would make not only awesome entries, but also awesome sets.

    I'll list the cards I miss, either way.
    -Muddy Sprout Monster
    -Dark Monk (Temple of time)
    -Dark Guardian (Temple of time)
    -Dark Kentaurus (Past leafre)
    -Dark Skelegon (Past leafre)
    -Dark Cornian (Past leafre)
    -Dark Wyvern (Past leafre)
    -Chao, the ancient boar boss
    -Elphine (???) the fairy queen from the past
    -Fairy from the past #1
    -Fairy from the past #2
    -King Rombot, from monster carnival would be an interesting card to get, wouldn't it?
    -Iron golem (Should have a special way to get, like dojo or monster park if it's accessible to everyone)
    -Red spirit of rock, only in monster park, debatable.
    -Dark Deo
    -Dark Zeno
    -Dark Timer
    -ALL singapore mobs. They were added to the book before, why not reimplement all of them? I mean from captain latanica to krexel. All the slimeys, truckers, and bersekies.
    -ALL NLC mobs. Electrophants, Crimsom guardians, the twisted masters... Even trees if you push me.
    -Why not add Zakum's summons to the list? It'd do great for a new set.
    -Yellow Starfish
    -Angry Starfish
    -Icy Mixed Golem
    -Flaming Mixed Golem
    -All Neo City Cards, too.

    As you see, there's a lot of possible cards to be fixed, so newer players won't have to ask themselves, "why don't all monsters have a card?" Until an experienced player talks to them about how lazy and incompetent Nexon is :p
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  2. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    -Remove the 4th job skillbook drop system for being retarded, asinine, and a gigantic waste of time/money that forces you to merch to play the popular classes or to get MW30.

    -Stop making the pineappleing continental travel work like a realistic interpretation the real life subway system. Red airplanes diluted the bullpomegranate a little, but it needs to be instant like in other mmos.

    -FIX THE pineappleING BUFFS. Holy pomegranate, the fact that this game doesn't have WoW's buff system yet (considering both games came out around the same time frame) is baffling. Lvl 1 rage doesn't need to dispel every attack buff/pot ever, cooldowns don't need to freeze when you log off (I'm looking at you, echo of failure), and you don't need to lose your buffs every time you disconnect, which happens too pineappleing much in this game as is. Have a check so that weaker buffs don't cancel stronger ones, make it so you keep buffs when you log out of the game in any way, and let cooldowns expire while you're not online.

    -Was going to mention something about the combat system, but revamping that to not suck would be a waste of time because other MMOs already did that, and we can quit Maple to go to those other MMOs instead because of the combat system that isn't a fake difficulty filled piece of pomegranate that those other MMOs they have.

    -Fix the bosses to work with potential. I want to see instanced zak on all channels, as well as any other boss with a channel limit. Also, make it so that weaker bosses with pomegranate drops like Manon and Pianus don't have respawn times that consists of 8 hours or more than a pineappleing day. Pap can remain daily, but if it's not inside a silent crusade gate, it cannot have a respawn longer than 90 minutes. 8-36 hour respawns are retarded and you're forced to wait until an SC check kicks in to boss.

    -This game has too little endgame content. As is, all we have is:
    --A new 160+ grinding area (SH)
    --Extremely limited bosses that are hoarded by hackers (Empress, PB, Czak, CHT, HT)
    --Bosses that never pineappleing spawn (anything from ninja castle) or are once a day (bodyguards etc)
    --New PQs that level scale that nobody does because LHC/SH is faster exp
    --Merching (no really, 30k range at 200 sucks balls and you're forced to merch again)
    --Standing in FM CH7 for 2903840923840293 hours in order to not get hacked and run up the electricity bill like a motherpineappleer
    That's all the endgame content available for anyone from 15X-200. This game is pomegranate and the only good part about it are unbelievable exp events (x6 exp? REALLY? Holy pomegranate, it's like pre-BB except it's after BB and with broken classes, gg 10-200 in a week), any new classes that come out (which the next batch in KMS will suck hard), and (god forbid) ACTUAL NEW ENDGAME CONTENT (once per 2 years). They need to drop the new classes and start coming out with intricate boss fights and other bosses with good drops, or more PQs that work similar to CWKPQ.

  3. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    Pretty sure they did but on a patch (BB iirc) due to copypasta lots of fixes we had went to hell, the weaker buffs not canceling stringer ones, the thing at kerning subway telling you when the train to NLC was leaving and the buffs ending below the announcements on top of the screen making you unable to see when they expire, those are the ones I remember.

  4. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    KMS takes care of that kind of updates.

    JMS does that.

    If you want a real suggestion to GMS, try something like "improve securituy", "ban hackers" or something like that.

  5. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    For cards, some other mobs without cards include :
    Yellow Starfish
    Angry Starfish
    Icy Mixed Golem
    Flaming Mixed Golem
    Muddy Sprout Monster (the proper name)

  6. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    How about having a card set for neo city? But then again there might be an issue of jms having neo tokyo while we have dumb neo city instead.

  7. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    I also would have done the Masteria revamp much different.
    For one, pure spawn maps.
    The way I would have done the Krakian Jungle :

    (from left to right, map wise)
    Street Slimes -> Urban Funguses -> Boomers -> Gryphons -> Mighty Maple Eaters ->

    Bigger Ben:

    Killa Bees -> Wolf Spiders -> Fire Tusk -> Electrophant -> I.AM.ROBOT

    I would have also turned CWK into a theme dungeon. The quests would be readded, but they would be in a sequence, instead of all at once.

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    Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    That's been suggested millions of times already. It's suggested all over Basil, all over Southperry, and even in the focus groups that Nexon holds. By now, it's so obvious that if Nexon just spent five minutes playing the game themselves, they'd know the problems with this game. It just doesn't seem like they're very intent on doing any of that.

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    Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    I was talking to @Justin earlier after the free hyper rock and 6x exp stuff was announced, and thought it would be neat if they released "hyper cubes" in the cash shop.

    24 hour time limit, does not get consumed when used--essentially infinite cubes for the 24 hours you have it--like how the hyper rocks work. (I wonder, do they even still profit from regular and VIP tele rocks?...)

    The catch being this thing would cost an absurd amount of NX. I said 20~30k, but he said Nexon would probably throw it up at 100k per cube. <_< let's face it, though... when you have multiple pieces of equipment you'd like to cube to unique/legendary AND get all the lines you want, even $100 is a steal... As horribly sad as that is. Such a steep price would also encourage players to buy regular cubes in hopes of getting lucky, so it's all-around profit for Nexon anyway.

    And make item locks free. :( Make them buyable from an NPC somewhere, and convert the cash shop versions into an item unlock or something.

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    Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    this and character lock too

  11. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    That is by far the most stupid thing I have ever read in my entire life

  12. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.


    ...Remember when I tried to do this? hahaha

  13. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    You didn't read a thing, did you? It's to make them work less. It fits PERFECTLY. And while we get what we want.

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    Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    Statistics say that the possibility Nexon will look at this thread is 1 in 199 928 244 344 999 999 000 000 000

  15. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    IMO the combat system should be like PvP:

    No touch damage; monsters can only damage with attacks.
    No invincibility frames from getting hit (makes boss summons very hazardous).

    Lower the amount of mobs but make the mobs stronger (pre-BB esque).


    New potential system: cubes drop from bosses and each equip can only have 1 line (or get rid of potential and use nebulites only).

    Oh well... it'll never happen.

  16. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    I seriously don't get why this thread is turning into another skill changes/ content addition and changes thread. There are bigger issues to discuss like the in game economy, the continuous growth of the need of Nx to success in this game, glitches and bugs, hacking, even allowing people from the rest of america to play other Nexon games would be a way to improve this company. Those seem more worth discussing.

    I will add my share about this tonight cuz I gotta go now.

  17. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    Definitely security issues (hackers, botters, dupers)
    Updating "exclusive content"(i.e. CWKPQ > hasn't been updated since it came out, the average player is 20x stronger than back then, when it came out it WAS a challenge. I'd like that back)
    Punishing abusers (including gold/hacked item buyers/sellers)


  18. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    fire everyone.

    - Monster Book improvements please. There has to be a way to get the collector medals easier since it's impossible currently because of the Future set and lack of more sets
    - pineapple Neo City and put in pineappleing NEO TOKYO
    - More instanced expeditions
    - Locks having no cost or very little cost (50NX maybe?)
    - Stop giving everyone pineappleing flash jump clone skills and give me back Dragon Pulse
    - Permanent NX drop down
    - GMs that actually interact with people and not be dumbass bots, give us people who actually go out of their way to look for hackers
    - Small cooldowns for every potion
    - Announcements need to gtfo where our buff timers are
    - Option of account locking
    - Separate Nexon account and game accounts connected to it, where information is changed at the Nexon account and nowhere else. The game account does not show any info, not even the NX account ID
    - Using a different IP would alert the game and ask for valid information, false info or lack of input locks it out

    the last two are probably dumb though lol.

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    Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    Why is that? D:

    I am well aware that the potential system is broke as pineapple and should have never existed how it is in the first place, but Nexon isn't going to remove it because they make bank off of cubes and players are happy because they can get damage bigger numbers.

    Except that, as far as I can tell, this system is only beneficial to hackers who seem to have unlimited NX stashes, and those willing to put hundreds, if not thousands, into this game at the drop of a hat. There's a huge gap between the players who can afford this pomegranate and who can't. Currently, if I want a really good potential'd piece of equipment, I have to hope to get REALLY lucky finding it in FM for something less than max mesos--or finding a buyer who actually accepts mesos at all--most only want NX or moneypaks these days, usually $100 worth or more. Potential items can't be MTS'd and I'm on a fairly small server, so my options are pretty limited.

    An item like this would make cubing more affordable for average players, and adding more game-breaking items into CS is more likely for Nexon than actually fixing the economy or enforcing their own rules. Just being realistic.

    Bolded the suggestions I particularly like. XD I don't think the last one is dumb at all... even Tera Online has something like that implemented and it's still in closed beta. I never understood why Nexon hasn't switched to this kind of system. It's even pickier than IP usually though, it might even just be cookies stored on your computer. I get prompted to verify my identity even after reformatting my computer on these things.

  20. Default Re: Let's make the game better. NEXON SUGGESTION THREAD.

    I think it'd be good to have the scrolling server notices flash at the bottom of the screen where the GM board is (but not pink again oh god) rather than covering the top of the screen. That or lower boss HP bars, and make it so that mini map doesn't block HP bars either. May as well give EVERY BOSS an HP bar while they're at it, it's dumb that some don't.



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