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  1. Default New FM spam bots

    Has anyone noticed these in any other server? This is in El Nido.

    The chat bar at the bottom. The website url is filtered, I searched the rest of the message on Google out of curiosity and it leads to a website which seems to have an entire database of what is being sold in the Free Market, and it seems pretty up to date too. I've got absolutely no idea how it'd work, but it looks like it has every server listed.

    There are some pretty sketchy download links on the website if you do find it, so be careful, I've just been looking around. It's really weird. I don't know what to make of it.

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    Default Re: New FM spam bots

    Oh, so down with Owls?

  3. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    Seems like you can search specific items with their database, so I guess so. I'm really curious as to how they even get all that information.

  4. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    This guy has been bugging me lately. Leaving a message in my shop for the past 4 or 5 days with the same thing.
    But, I'm assuming there's some catch to this, I mean it's not like he would take his time to make something like this with no benefit to him, Sounds sketchy.

  5. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    Providing an interesting and free service to the community while keeping download links with keyloggers on his site would be a pretty smart plan. I haven't visited the site, but I doubt this is all in good will.

    If you want to be completely positive, he's making an interesting website with normal google ads and just looking to advertise his product on Maple so he gets the most ad revenue.

  6. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    There are a lot of download links to bots and stuff on the website, so I guess there's something in that. The FM thing is really odd though, it seems useful but kind of off at the same time.

  7. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    It was only a matter of time before someone wrote bots that traverse the FM. It takes like an hour to manually look through all the stores on Scania.

  8. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    1 hour? that must be looking for something pretty unique. If you're looking for a scroll or a recipe or a kind of common item with good potential, it takes like 3 hours. (Although I havent tried surfing FM after they implemented the room swtching thing)

  9. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    I wake up this morning and there were about 6 messages about that from the same dude in my shop.
    I was wondering what that really was, lol

    Pretty funny considering part of it is censored and they haven't updated the spam message to bypass it.

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    Default Re: New FM spam bots

    I can't wait until someone makes an "trouble with addiction? Call XXX-XXX-XXXX, or go to for help. We'll save you (by hacking you)" ad. That would be like going to a casino and finding a "Addicted to gambling? Call....for help" posted on the machines.
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  11. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    So it is an actual site? Pretty strange if you asked me...I too got a long awaited message in my shop last night that wrote:

    'Your selling informations have been recorded by www.*********.***, Where you can easy search your need and get free Multiple Maples tool developed by Noname team, FM-memory also help record the past 1 month sold informations, nonamebot Bot is free testing and working.'

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    Default Re: New FM spam bots

    Gotta admit that's a very tempting scheme if it is a keylogger sham. I still find Maple's FM and its archaic system the thing I hate most about this game.

  13. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    The Chinese farmers always finding new ways to hack people and cause panic

  14. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    ....they could be ya know. german or something.

    NO FEAR GUYS I'll staple THE COFFIN. Since you all ran out of nails.

  15. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    It might be racist if they didn't actually label themselves as the Chinese farmers.. I believe one of the head guys who runs some of those websites is actually named "China".

  16. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    I'm not sure about the GMS version of the site, but the other version of this site for MSEA is, afaik, completely legit. They changed the way the site looks like in the past 3 months I've seen it.

  17. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    They're in Galicia too. One of them spammed the same message in my shop 5 times within 20 minutes.
    It's funny that they haven't realized the entire website is censored.

  18. Default Re: New FM spam bots

    Its a chinese website. There are options for "next page" and "previous page" that are in Chinese.
    I'm wondering how they even get this information... crazy -.-



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