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  1. Default The LoL Patches thread

    Shen, I killed your father! Wait, let me try that again...

    Current Patch:
    End of Season 2 Patch (Includes Zed)

    Links of interest:
    Previous Patch Notes

    Art and Champion Spotlights, and other

    Feel free to talk about patch changes and how they affect the game, or speculate on what you think will get changed in future patches.

    Personally, I think Swain's skills are going to be lightly adjusted, since the blue buff nerf hit him substantially. No clue if they'll do the same for Anivia's. Sure, denying blue does starve her early game, but she's not exactly the easiest champ to tower dive and kill. Anivia is also more able to contribute to coordinated teams in terms of utility/CC, while Swain is more damage-oriented. If his damage amp benefited teammates as well, then we'd have a whole different story....
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  2. Default Re: The LoL Patches thread

    I think they said the lulu patch and the following one was gonna be 3 week ones.

    I could expect some Lulu tweaks, probably on her base numbers for her damaging skills.

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    Default Re: The LoL Patches thread

    Please buff Xin Zhao >_>.

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    Default Re: The LoL Patches thread

    This is a very good iniative! We should try and compose a sticky tread too with links like the LoL fora, solomid, mobafire, leaguecraft, stonewalls youtube channel and such, to show the new guys, how it's done.

    On topic: Outside of the usual praying for QoL buffs on my champions, I hope they are going to return some of sona's power, as I've only seen them fail after the nerf. Also betting on a champion rework, likely Karma.

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    That's probably more for "The LoL Guides thread" than this, but I was pondering about doing that too.

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    This seems like the place for general discussion? I like how the old thread could just have comments and interesting questions and such.

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    I suppose? xD It would be nice to have a place to put comments and such that aren't exactly big enough to warrant its own thread.

    This has been bothering me, and it is relevant to this patch's content anyways, so...

    The implied correlation is actually not true. Hoverboard only happens when she self-casts W. I've achieved MS speeds of 550+ using Moby Boots and Shurelya's, and she doesn't hoverboard.

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    Yeah i thought she did have 3 because she gets it when she uses ghost too (or thats what i saw in a stream anyway) but with plain moby boots it stays the same. Sorry bout that :p

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    It's k =P Still a cool detail nevertheless.

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    What's to fix?
    The only porblem I ever have is vision wards/oracle

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    The way his poison currently works is that it starts to tick every 1 seconds after the first hit. When Teemo builds attack speed (which is how every Teemo should build) as soon as his hits over 1.0 AS, every time he attacks the timer on his poison gets reset and doesn't start until the last hit. It's not too much a difference, but after it gets patched he will hit a little harder. :P

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    Not to mention the vast majority of champions go over 1.0 AS as they level up.

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    cough wheeze cough purp

    I didn't even know that. ._. Source?

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    It's just a strong opinion, especially since I played Teemo exclusively from levels 1 to 30. I'm not saying AP Teemo isn't viable, he's just much less useful. If you build AP you have to rely on the fact that you need to mushroom EVERYTHING. Absolutely everything. It's your only job, because that's your main source of damage. And at the point where you shrooms start doing tons of damage, it's already at a point in the game where the outcome can change on a dime. Lets say you have all the map control and you lose a teamfight and everything switches. It's going to be hard for Teemo to leave the base and shroom up things without wards, which is what the shrooms act as primarily so it seems counter productive to buy wards to ward. Not to mention, an AP Teemo isn't very useful in a teamfight. Yeah his poison will hurt, but he's not going to be a large source of damage. With attack speed Teemo (Malady, Wit's, Madred's, Warmogs) at least you can get in the correct positioning and rape them while they're not looking then run away. :P

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    Default Re: The LoL Patches thread

    When I play AP Teemo I typically build Malady and Nashors on him. Helps your team fight ability a lot.

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    In teamfights I try to aggro 2+ enemies away (while surviving thanks to shrooms and w) to make it a 4v3 in my team's favour. If they don't take the bait I can have their carry blinded for 2.5 sec on a 4.8s cooldown, which is really significant.

    If you can predict where teamfights will happen, you can have a huge advantage if your teamates know how to use your shrooms. Later on shrooms can deal up to 1k unadjusted damage in an aoe with a gigantic slow, which is huge in teamfights. If your team is losing and tries to flee, its easy to get away (unless theres olaf/irelia involved) and you can even do a singed thing where the enemies don't realize how much damage they are taking and you can turn around and kill them off. If you are winning the fight, your enemies have a difficult time fleeing because they have to avoid places your mushrooms could be, and if they hit a shroom they pretty much die anyway.

    Also, his burst is pretty high (.8 on his q, .14 on his e, plus lich bane if it gets late) so he can kill squishier characters easily. If you can cause enough disruption in their jungle you can make the enemy avoid teamfighting all together or force them to travel in groups if you camp their jungle. If they travel in groups your shrooms do more work and you can either coordinate a teamfight when the enemy is low or you can wait it out and push other lanes, grab drag, etc.

    The only problem I have is teamfighting in the middle of the map. There it is very difficult to aggro enemies into your shrooms (since there are like, 8 spots the enemies can go) and it is difficult to prevent teamfights. As long as you can stay away from there you should do well.

    Just remember ap teemo requires a lot of planning and strategizing, rather than just moving someone around.

    Edit: I don't think teemo is a horrible on-hit character. I prefer to play kog maw as an on-hit character because of his superior range and the fact that his w does more than teemo's e in my opinion (100 ap is 14 damage for teemo and 1% damage for kog, which can be from 14 to 35), and kog gets passive attack speed. I don't think AS teemo is bad, I think hes more fun and more powerful (assuming your team has a clue) as ap.

    Edit 2: Your shrooms deal tons of damage around 20 min in (SOURCE: 3:26 of my montage)

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    Patch preview is out. Start speculating!

    Can't say I predicted the MR runes nerf, though I have noticed a significant improvement to my Anivia games ever since I made my experimental AP rune page (defenses, AP quints). As for the Kayle changes, took them long enough >_>

    I don't like the obnoxious "FIRST BLOOD!!!1!!!11" message, but all the other UI changes look awesome!

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    Default Re: The LoL Patches thread

    That "FIRST BLOOD!" message is really annoying and rubs me the wrong way...



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