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  1. Default Mechanic skills - Siege and Laserblast

    Pretty sure everyone in gms knows/heard complaints about this already, with Siege still only lasting 5 seconds (no cd though) and laserblast still as slow as ever.

    The irony about it is that in the Alliance Unbound image gives emphasis on Mechs and yet that's the part Nexon screwed up.

  2. Default Re: Mechanic skills - Siege and Laserblast

    The funny thing is that this can be fixed -really- easy.

    1. Edit skill data file
    2. Remove "time=5" from siege mode (works like a reversed cooldown, so skill ends after 5 seconds).
    3. Change Tank Laser delay from 1470ms to 1080ms.
    4. Save skill data file.

    Done. ;)

    ETA for Nexon America to fix this: 1 Month...

  3. Default Re: Mechanic skills - Siege and Laserblast

    it isnt that simple, first they need to go through 4 layers of bureaucracy at nexam to get to contact the right people at nexkor, then another 2 layers and 38 forms, then the programmer wont check his email for a month, then hell change something right before the patch and forget to tell his boss so it wont get through until the next patch, and then hell realize he was changing the kmst wz's, and finally the bugfix will be put on the right track. but there will still be another 3 month lag to get it to gms's wz's.

    total eta: 1.5 years

  4. Default Re: Mechanic skills - Siege and Laserblast

    Here's the thing I find interesting. According to the GMS extraction, here is the change to Siege mode -

    The KMS Extraction for the same change is here -
    It appears we have the same change as KMS. This being the case, I imagine this is probably intentional and not a bug.

    You also have Laser Blast (GMS Extraction)-
    KMS -
    Seems like it is operating as intended to me.

    ( A Search through all subsequent KMS patches shows no further changes to these skills. I simply don't see how we are any different than the current KMS, which tells me that these are probably not bugs at all.)

  5. Default Re: Mechanic skills - Siege and Laserblast

    Well it's very simple:
    - kMS has unlimited siege mode, gMS doesn't.
    - kMS has Laser Blast the same speed as Punch Launcher, gMS doesn't.

    I don't know how gMS skill-code is wired together internally, but afaik, it can only read the values of skill data in the .wz files and nothing else, unless gMS works on custom add-in code which bypasses the .wz file data... (I wouldn't be surprised :P)

    So no, this not intended, and yes, these are bugs. ;)



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