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    I'm just going to post pixel art I do, because I get weird inspirations every time I play a game I download on my iPhone.

    First one up, a girl inspired by the game Tobe's Hookshot Escape.

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    Default Re: Pixel Pad

    I like it, maybe a bit more contrast in some areas though.

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    Adorable, needs more, so much more. And animal friends and scenery with faces. Chris please

  4. Default Re: Pixel Pad

    Very cute. Can't help but stare at them hands! Unproportional to the rest of the body

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    Whenever I try to make the hands smaller, it seems maddeningly unbalanced. Like her head is going to topple the body because of the lack of lower body mass. :(

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    Hell, I like the hands. Not everything is proportionate in drawings <<. Take a look at..... all of Japan's creations.

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    Yep, not everything has to be perfect.

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    Japan's pretty all-or-nothing about...yeah.
    Working on different poses and views right now, will post later or tomorrow.

    Any suggestions for other stuff? :r I need work to do. xd

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    Default Re: Pixel Pad

    I like the hands. This is cool stuff.



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