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Thread: Revamped Dojo

  1. Default Revamped Dojo


    Monster (Floor)EasyMediumHardRanking
    Mano (1)2625052500157500420000
    Mushmom (2)3600072000216000576000
    Stumpy (3)4500090000270000720000
    Blue Mushmom (4)60000120000360000960000
    Zombie Mushmom (5)700001400004200001120000
    King Slime (6)700001400004200001120000
    Dyle (7)850001700005100001360000
    King Clang (8)950001900005700001520000
    Faust (9)1200002400007200001920000
    Spirit of Rock (10)1380002760008280002208000
    Metal Golem (11)1500003000009000002400000
    Eliza (12)17000034000010200002720000
    Jr. Balrog (13)20000040000012000003200000
    Nine-Tailed Fox (14)24500049000014700003920000
    Xerxes (15)27500055000016500004400000
    Deo (16)31500063000018900005040000
    Zeno (17)37500075000022500006000000
    Timer (18)45000090000027000007200000
    Snack Bar (19)550000110000033000008800000
    Tae Roon (20)7000001400000420000011200000
    Papa Pixie (21)9500001900000570000015200000
    Alishar (22)12500002500000750000020000000
    Lord Pirate (23)14500002900000870000023200000
    Deet and Roi (24)175000035000001050000028000000
    Frankenroid (25)205000041000001230000032800000
    Chimera (26)225000045000001350000036000000
    Poison Golem (27)245000049000001470000039200000
    King Sage Cat (28)275000055000001650000044000000
    Giant Centipede (29)305000061000001830000048800000
    Crimson Balrog (30)325000065000001950000052000000
    Manon (31)375000075000002250000060000000
    Griffey (32)425000085000002550000068000000
    Snowman (33)475000095000002850000076000000
    Papulatus (34)5250000105000003150000084000000
    Ani (35)5750000115000003450000092000000
    Leviathan (36)67500001350000040500000108000000
    Dodo (37)80000001600000048000000128000000
    Lilynouch (38)92500001850000055500000148000000
    Lyka (39)105000002100000063000000168000000
    Mu Gong (40)117500002350000070500000188000000
    Total HP953752501907505005722515001526004000

    : 50% HP Recovery (5 second penalty)
    : 100% HP Recovery (10 second penalty)
    : MaxHP + 10,000 (15 second penalty)
    : Weapon/Magic Attack +30 (40 second penalty)
    : Weapon/Magic Attack +60 (60 second penalty)
    : Weapon/Magic Defense +2500 (30 second penalty)
    : Weapon/Magic Defense +4000 (50 second penalty)
    : Accuracy/Avoid +2000 (30 second penalty)
    : Max Speed/Jump (20 second penalty)
    : +1 Attacking Speed (40 second penalty)

    All buffs last 600000ms or 10 minutes.

    The only way to heal MP is through sitting or skills you have.

    Credits to:
    This thread
    Max for the second penalty

    I'm too lazy to add commas.
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  2. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    No way to heal MP? Guess that means mages are pretty pineappleed lol, although it shouldn't be too difficult to do without using any of the buffs I would assume.

  3. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    If you didn't depend on MP for survival as well it wouldn't be THAT hard, we do have infinity and MP eater that help us recover some MP.

  4. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    Yeah I know, but I was more thinking about the fact that if we get hit by a 1/1, we're doomed.

  5. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    Well, that's no different for other classes.

  6. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    Well most classes now either have some skill that makes it not as lethal or have very high avoidability to just straight out not get hit, while mages just take it and can't do anything about it.

    Even better.

  7. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    They don't work on pot lock maps.

  8. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    Honestly, the only classes not really screwed over by not being able to heal at all are Viper pre-Justice and Demon Slayers. Since we can heal both HP and MP without too many issues (as long as we have Energy Charge up), we have a much easier time getting through and Demon Slayers... we all know the situation with Demon Slayers. Warriors are screwed, pretty much; low MP, high MP usage. Mages... I don't think they'll run out of MP too easily, but without being able to heal HP, they could be screwed (save Bishops, of course). Bowmen... They might run out of MP pretty freaking easily. Thieves... Eh, I'm not sure. They'll probably run out of MP long before they run out of HP. lol

    Of course, all of this is null and void if you have enough funding. This is all going off my own experience with the new Mu Lung Dojo system.

  9. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    There's also the fact that you regain HP and MP faster inside dojo :o

  10. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
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    Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    >no way to heal MP
    >50MP per impale cast


    edit: after doing some math, i require 76300 MP to be able to solo hell mode.



  11. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    Unless the monsters do little/no damage, your MP will run out pretty fast as a mage.

  12. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    So kill everything that is not Manon, Griffey, Leviathan, Papulatus or Mu Gong with regular attacks. x)

  13. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
    Level: 152
    Job: Batman
    Guild: IDissOrtis

    Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    gonna be sitting in my little musical note chair a loooong time...

    even if i dealt 5M damage per impale this would still be retarded and impossible.

  14. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    Yeah, that's how the mobs are in Mu Lung Dojo. XD Up until Manon or so, my Viper didn't take above 1 damage from anything in Ranking Mode.

  15. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
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    Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    Funding... right...

    A Hero can do at most 3.6m damage per Intrepid Slash (assuming so funded that even AFA hits cap).
    So, at barest minimum, he needs 424 IS's to get through the Dojo. (It's actually more because the last IS on every enemy is partly wasted)
    IS costs 24 MP, so our Hero needs over 10K MP just to walk through and kill unresisting enemies.
    It would also take a minimum of 267 seconds, during which maxed Self Recovery would give him 2670 MP.
    So, to get through Dojo without sitting down, a Hero needs at the very least 7500-8000 max MP.
    Ah well, guess now we know what those Alchemy potions that raise MaxMP are really good for.

  16. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
    Level: 152
    Job: Batman
    Guild: IDissOrtis

    Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    question link, is there any sort of "timer" that kicks you out? i'm assuming yes, but *shrugs*

    @above: you forgot to reiterate at the end "only if you do max damage"

  17. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    In terms of damage/mp cost, I think there's nothing better than poison mist. You can even do damage without aggroing the monster =D

  18. Default Re: Revamped Dojo

    I have never had an MP problem in Dojo on my hero.
    you regenrate much faster while inside.



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