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    Well.. How do bowmen deal with their low hp? Like if your level 200, hitting a nice amount of damage soloing ht or something how much wheels would you go through?

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    low hp? My bm got 7200 hp at level 180 and this is ems (still only 10% bonus hp from marksmanship). Just level your willpower, wear czak helm and lvl 75 10% hp earrings if you really want more hp. Also dont forget that Illusion step gives 30% avoid, "dodge/evasion boost" gives 20% avoid (30% in the future) on top of your normal avoid, you will have around 70% miss at least on any mob. And I dont see why you want to solo ht when it will drop nothing w/o 12 people alive.

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    cht is the one that doesn't drop without 12* just saying.

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    7200? Is that a lot? I'm used to warriors lol. My paladin has nearly 30k. Also gms is a bit different. I believe you can solo ht in gms and get drops as long as you wait like 30 mins in their.

    I'm just choosing between making a marksman or a buccaneer. It's quite annoying as i love both jobs. Buccs are getting a sweet buff up soon, but marksmans are very cheap to make and the're really cool too. I just can't decide..

    Hate my life.
    :( I'm very indecisive.

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    Ye didnt know if it was ht or cht but still, bowmen can still solo ht w/o hp wash or wheel spam, you just need to have good gear and decent avoid. 30%+30% and 2000+ avoid you it will be close to where nl's were before big bang.

    Edit: I have lvl 35 willpower, chaos zak helm, 10% from marksmanship and around 600 hp from other gear. Since your version gives 40% hp instead of 10% in 4th job and the fact that spirit link also increase y our survivability by a ton (defense, magic resistance etc etc) I really dont see why you should have problem to kill ht.

    The real question would be, at which level do you want to do this?

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    We deal with it in the following ways:

    1. Range
    2a. Hurricane's constant KB
    2b. Dragon Breath's KB
    3. Puppet's lure
    4. Puppet's damage absorption
    5. Spirit Link's Defense and HP boost
    6. Illusion Step's Dodge
    7. Evasion Step's Dodge
    8. The ability to Double Jump over/away from enemies
    9. Stunning/Freezing
    10. Pirate Blessing

    Never bothered with WH or Merc so idk
    other things to look at are House Keys, CHTPs/CZak Helms, MoNs, Empress Set and Decent HB
    If you're in EMS it might be impossible to get HB on a bowman since iirc you can only get it on Stirgeman pants

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    Not anymore. We got a premium mini dungeon event that drops clover coins, with these coins you can buy lvl 45 and 70 clover set, Im probably one of the very few bowmen in ems that have decent hb, probably because Im the only one who want to invest into cubing lvl 70 untradeable pants.



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