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  1. Default Question about Maplestory Annulment (post-Revamp)

    Hi everyone,

    Can you delete a character if it is married?
    Do you still need a wedding ring to get an annulment in Maplestory?

    Reason I ask is because prior to the wedding update, you could not delete a character if it was married. However, you could not divorce if you did not have a wedding ring. Essentially, destroying your wedding ring was kind of a security measure.


  2. Default Re: Question about Maplestory Annulment (post-Revamp)

    They "fixed" that, I believe.
    You can now get another ring if you boom yours.
    Now I think the only way to protect a character is to lock an untradeable item.

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    Default Re: Question about Maplestory Annulment (post-Revamp)

    How would that help? You can delete characters with locked items on them.
    (I know, stands to reason that if I paid to keep my sword from being lost, I don't want the char holding the sword to be lost either. But since when do Nexon follow reason?)



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