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  1. Default A few random questions about Phantom

    So yeah:

    1. When they use stolen magic skills like Chain Lightning, is their damage considered magical or physical (in regarding to snake summons @ Aky)

    2. I know multiple damage reduction buffs don't stack, but what about weapon attack buffs? (rage + their own watt buff, etc)

    3. Do passive effects of stolen skills work for them?

    4. The Carte Noire skill, does it get triggered with each critical -HIT- you make, or each -SKILL USE- that causes a critical hit? (100% critical rate - Rapid Fire 120ms 1-hit -vs- 100% critical rate Ultimate Drive 120ms 3-hit).

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    Default Re: A few random questions about Phantom

    1. Magical
    2. Not sure why you would use att buffs when you have +%DMG buffs that are so much better, but yes.
    3. No
    4. Second one



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