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    With respect to the number of bachelor's degrees being handed out to the students majoring in the following fields: Chemistry, Physics, Engineering at a University.

    Chemistry: Rutgers University, 40/40,000, .1%

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    uh... what

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    Then things become depressing when we get to the statistics regarding the number of employed bachelors.

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    The amount of people who can afford to feed a family of three verse the amount of food available for a family of three


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    men to women ratio in certain countries according to wikipedia

    I sorted mine in the 15-24 age range and the northern mariana islands have the highest number of females (compared to males) in that age range. Guess I'll head there for vacation

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    People argue that the future is heavily dependent on advancements from the sciences. With this idea in mind, there has been a world wide focus on education, I was curious how much colleges are turning out so called scientists to advance the modern field of knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

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    Stop reminding me!

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    We have about 1% for all science only based majors, then about 10-20% each year of different engineering subgroups and then 3% major in specifically Psychology, the most popular offered major. Pool of 40,000ish students at the University of Michigan



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