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    So I was reading the Alliance Rising update notes, and it said that the Lagends Maple Armor set ( the gloves, hat, overall, cape, etc. that Lucia sells) can also be found in the Legends Maple Box. Is this true? Because all I can seem to find is onlt Legendary Maple Weapons and what-nots... Unless there's a different box that separates the two categories (weapons and armors).

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Default Re: Legends Maple Box question

    No idea about getting the armors from the box. So far I've only gotten weapons and coins.

    However, there's only one box, so either the rate on getting armor is crazy low, or NexAM is mistaken like usual.

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    I'm pretty sure there are only Legend WEAPONS Boxes.

    Though if you find an armor box, please tell me.

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    There is no armor box. Though, like Neon said, Nexon stated that they should be available from the weapons box, so I'm curious if they are too. I've opened around 70 myself and haven't gotten any, so I'm skeptical.

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    Default Re: Legends Maple Box question

    i opened over 400 today, no armors



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