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  1. Default Requesting some help please

    Yea Im back again with some more help XD.

    I dunno atm..I feel that his body is just wtp but i do wanna keep the pose as i wanted to have like a psychotic pose going on.

    So Im wondering if people had their own opinions on this. or would like to provide some insight. Thanks

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    Default Re: Requesting some help please

    I actually like how that's turning out! My only gripe is the hand on his face, the fingers are in a really odd position and just seem off. You may want to fix that up. Also, either his nose is too far in or his eye is too far out. His body seems fine, though.

    Hope to see this finished, it's looking pretty great so far. :O

  3. Default Re: Requesting some help please

    Yea. Im gonna fix the eye once I have a solid grasp on the pose XD. But thanks : 3 I plan on finishing it for sure.

  4. Default Re: Requesting some help please

    Yeah, his face is a bit off. I think his eyes are a little too far apart and his earlobe looks funny.

    The entire left arm is off ― not even going to mention dat hand. He's in a sort of 3/4 view pose yet his arm looks flat as it sticks out to the side. It's a bit of a tricky pose and it looks like you're trying to make it easier for yourself. You might want to lower the shoulder a bit as well.

    His right arm also looks like it's curving with the body, but that's prolly cuz it's a wip still. ;-;

    The body looks okay, but the pelvis might be positioned weirdly depending on what pose he'll take. It'll definitely be a little weird if he's standing. I was having fun rotating him clock-wise a bit before my program exploded to make him look off-centre and moar crazeh.

  5. Default Re: Requesting some help please

    Ah thanks for critique -I have so many opinions on this whole drawing I dont know where to start - But I moved his eye a bit towards the right.. and tried to get his right hand to well..look like a hand abit more. If anything its just the left side thats giving the trouble. But I hope to figure it out soon.


  6. Default Re: Requesting some help please

    Try taking poses yourself to see what feels believable and what doesn't. If you have a big enough mirror, look at it~!

    Think of the hand as a mitten at first before working on the fine details.



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