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    I've been wondering about these since the implementation of the card system in kMS. Is there anything preventing me from leveling up legends now, storing multiples of the potions indefinitely on a mule and then making characters (other than Phantom/Mercedes/CS/DS) later and just giving them to them?

    Also, if not, do you guys think a Mercedes or a Demon Slayer would level faster without link buffs and luxury equipment like attack work gloves and evo rings?

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    I don't see the point on training characters to level 70 just so you can use the potion to get another character to level 70 in the future, but yeah according to what I've read as long as you don't try to use them on phantoms/legend they should work.

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    It's mostly because I only have one character slot free right now so it's the only way I can work on it preemptively. Not only that, but one of them is going to end up being a Dark Knight and I know firsthand those things are awful to level. The only other thing I can think of is the EXP coupons.

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    If memory serves me right, they are one-of-a-kind item, so a mule can only hold one of level 30 and level 70 potion, and I also remember that each legend character can only do the quest once (deleting it will not entitle you to do it again), so max right now is 3 each of level 30 and level 70 potions (CS, Mer, and DS).

    On a personal note, I think a Demon Slayer would level faster since it has the three-in-one mobility skill, along with great skills, just my personal opinion from experience though.

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    Oh, in that case I blew it since all 3 of my legends are already 70 and I already used their potions. Good to know, though if anyone else can confirm.

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    Bleh, accidentally double posted because of page navigation confirmations and lag.

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    -you can get 1+1 pots once for each new legends class
    -you cant use them on classes released during or after legends unless they are already on that character



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