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  1. Default Level 2 ring in one day?

    I heard there was some trick to get a level 0 ring and box at the same time, but didn't take note of it since I couldn't get to level 10 on my new character anyway.
    Now with the extension, if I could get level 2 today, I'd get a level 10 by the 3rd, so yeah.

  2. Default Re: Level 2 ring in one day?

    Getting a box before a ring?? Getting the ring lvl 1 get the box, drop the ring and get a new ring after 1 hour lvl 2 ring woot =P

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    Default Re: Level 2 ring in one day?

    But it would have been level 2 either can't get a box the same day you get a ring.

  4. Default Re: Level 2 ring in one day?

    You can actually level a ring from 0 to 2 in one day, but I don't believe there's a trick as much as it is an odd glitch that sometimes occurs but usually doesn't.

  5. Default Re: Level 2 ring in one day?

    It was with a previous ring, but what happened was I upgraded my ring with less than hour in the day (so 11:15ish pm?), and the ring upgraded on the next day. If I were using a potion, then I'd have lost a day, because it counts when you trade in the potion as a day. However, because you didn't have to trade in a potion, you would still be able to get a potion to level it to 2. So technically, its two levels in one day, but you actually started the day before.

    That's what happened for me. Iono...was there another way?

  6. Default Re: Level 2 ring in one day?

    The first day does seem to check based on when you accepted the receiving the ring quest - if you did that yesterday, there's a good chance it'll let you upgrade it again.

    Course, that depends on you having attempted the event before.

  7. Default Re: Level 2 ring in one day?

    Yeah, it's weird. I could get the ring and box for some characters on the second day of the event even though I never logged onto them at all. It didn't work for others though, specifically my CS, Merc, DS since they were created after the Legend update perhaps? For the first day, I didn't even have enough time to log onto every character, so the only character I logged onto was my NL to get the ring from 0 to 1.



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