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  1. Cash1 Questions about CWKPQ

    So I apologize if this is in the wrong section.

    My first Question: Why was CWKPQ closed? I herd there was a glitch, but what glitch?

    The Second Question, To someone who is familiar with coding in any instance and knows the 1st Question's Answer: Does it seem that hard to fix?

    I'm just curious to really know, as anyone else I asked never had a real answer. CWKPQ was my favorite thing to do, but I'm just curious about it.

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    Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    It was closed because there was a bug in one of the stages that caused the entire channel to crash.

    I have plenty of coding experience but I can't tell how hard it is to fix because I've no idea how they broke it, what change they were trying to make to CWKPQ.
    That said, an easily reproducible bug at the content level is usually not that hard to find and fix, or at least circumvent. But they have to want to do it. Apparently, their priorities are otherwise.

  3. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    There were a lot more problems with it then just this. That's not the only issue there's A LOT more. It's obviously not a black and white issue either

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    Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    Hopefully it being removed this long means they are actually revamping it and bringing it "up to date" with current GMS.
    Right before it was removed, it was laughably easy, with the stages requiring little effort, and all 4 bosses being solo-able in under 5 minutes.

  5. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    When Hyper Rock came out, my friend and I CWKPQ'd without any problems. So I'm not exactly sure what is broken.

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    Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    How recently was that?

  7. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    er... it IS pretty black and white... nexam took it down, and cant fix it themselves because their privately run overlords are too stupid to hire people whose job it is to make sure localization is coded and run smoothly because it doesnt fit the business model of getting new customers every day.

    whats gray about that?

    i actually hadnt heard of this channel crash bug, but i heard rumors that hackers found a way to just farm bonus stage (that map warp hack?)

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    Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    hackers still have a way of getting there i think, considering someone sent a smega saying "track me" and was in the hall of masteries, keeping name since SP rules.

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    Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    Afaik they never kicked the people already inside.
    Around 2 months ago i logged onto my mech for the first time in ~6 months and he was inside the hall.

  10. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    This this so very much this. If they bring it about not updated it will become like pap a joke. One of the main reasons it was so fun was because it was a decent challenge

  11. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    I hope they release a Chaos CWKPQ or something. Imagine bosses with seduce, reflect, etc.

  12. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    needing special strategies back in the day wasnt enough for you? now you have to actually torture yourself too with random things that kill you for not staring at the screen and random things that kill you even though youre staring at the screen as much as possible? eww. :/

    just a revamp would be fine... dont add in bullpomegranate random factors that force you to be or take certain classes, and not just a couple chars from that archclass...

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    Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    Now where does that sound familiar...

  14. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    The gray area is what's being done about the other bugs. This has nothing to do with Mama NEXON not wanting NEXON America to have any in house devs. Here's a list I can think of off hand of what needs to be fixed:
    Certain classes could not activate Sigils.
    Even if Adventurers did the Sigils on stage 4 sometimes it wouldn't pass(had this happen MULTIPLE times)
    The bosses wouldn't summon their specific summons. Red Nirg not summoning Azure and Ocelot Phoenix upon death.
    Channels crashing causing massive duping and roll backs(why it was closed)
    Very Rarely Dual Bladers were unable to enter the thief room(Had this happen once or twice to a friend with the message "The Force of the ground is too strong to enter here")

    That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there's more people can add on to.

  15. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    not sure if sarcasm.
    But that is why i enjoyed that pq before the big bang..

    back to the question. I have little to no coding experience but i don't see why it should be hard lol.

  16. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    New cwkpq sign up rules you need one of every class and they all have are needed so u can't just log off. MoN is untradeable still with slots and all stages are like glitch mage stage where you have to have brain activity to actually pass. Sounds fun to me

  17. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    I can personally confirm the existence of the channel crash bug. It occurred at the end of the fire platform stage as soon as someone entered the portal to go to the next. (It's been so long I don't even recall what # stage that is, so depressing). We caused one since we were such avid CWKPQers at the time of the glitch, we were attempting one before word even got out. Then we did it again in our second run once we relogged, and the same thing occurred, so we know the cause.

    I believe it was the ONLY reason why cwkpq was closed, and the only sufficient reason as well. In fact, they had recently added support for new classes to do sigils in addition to adventurers. Everything else was small glitches that may have very, very rarely caused completion problems. CWKPQ was largely less buggy than the rest of MS till the ch crash bug.

    I can also confirm that if at all possible to get to, CWKPQ would be very, very difficult to complete. We explored it after they closed it off since they gave us the hyper rocks, and both the door to the PQ lobby and the door to the interior of the keep were altered to prevent entry. Even if you had a character inside the keep, you couldn't get to the lobby. So assuming an entire run of hyper rock users of the appropriate classes probably wouldn't be adequate, and you'd still presumably hit the ch crash bug even if you somehow miraculously got a run started. It would take a concerted effort from an entire run of hackers with the ability to hack their way into maps... and they have easier ways to dupe, so that isn't happening.

    I believe some of the underlying changes Nexon made with that update clashed with the custom code they made for CWKPQ in the past. Since this fix requires under the hood coding work, Nexam is completely unable to do anything useful.

    Hope you're enjoying crapping out your pointless broken new classes you stupid Koreans. Fix my pq!

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  19. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    Did you ever do CWKPQ? lol?

  20. Default Re: Questions about CWKPQ

    Reprogramming the entire quest in C++ should take no longer than a week since it's known how it exactly works. Therefore it's safe to assume that Nexon has no well educated programmers.



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