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  1. Default Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    All of this negative press of the US government lately. It's nice to see something positive.

    I am definitely voting for Ron Paul

  2. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    We already have a thread about this.
    I'd rather not get into the negative aspects of Ron Paul though. I'm glad you're at least voting.

  3. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    Why not? If you have something negative to say about Ron Paul then go for it. It's better than only knowing one side. I'm not the type of person to cover my ears and go "LALALALA NOT LISTENING".

  4. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    I'm pretty sure at this point that he won't make it to the general election, but I really do like and support a lot of his policies. I'll vote for him if he becomes the front runner of the Libertarian Party, although I heard that the republical party will try to boot his son Rand Paul if Ron Paul runs. Kind of a dirty trick.

  5. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

  6. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    well so far, this is what I've read on the reddit link you posted

    -Ron Paul wants to get rid of the immunity from the law the TSA has for invasive pat downs that was titled on Reddit "Ron Paul goes nuts defending his kid".
    -Then I read "Some of the best Constitutional History I've seen yet" which was also about the TSA.
    -"Libertarian Illusions" was about how Ron Paul is good at painting a pretty picture which is why youth like him so much. I thought the article was way too extreme and generalized far too much.

    "Libertarians hold that individual liberty should never be sacrificed in the pursuit of other values or causes. Compassion, justice, civic responsibility, honesty, decency, humility, respect, and even survival of the poor, weak, and vulnerable -- all are to take a back seat."

    I mean woah there. Accusing a group of people that they aren't compassionate, responsible, or honest seems a bit much.
    I skipped over some articles like "Paultards attack rick santorum rally", "Attention whore throws tantrum, gets free press", "Ron Paul's favorite veteran has a criminal record", and "Ron Paul supporters photoshop Ron Paul kissing a black baby". Those kind of articles are not something I am interested in as they mean absolutely nothing and are something I think belongs in The National Enquirer.

    If you can give me some real info on why one of Ron Paul's policys are wrong, that would be a lot more meaningful to me. So far, I haven't seen anything not worth praising. What I'm looking for is "Ron Paul's decision to bring our troops home is wrong because (reason goes here)" or "Ron Paul should support the TSA because (reason goes here)".

  7. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    Just do actual research on the guy. Taking political cues from a youtube video is irresponsible as hell.

  8. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    I am doing my own research on the guy. I need opposing opinions on why his policies and beliefs are wrong. The articles I read on Ron Paul are going to be biased in his favor. So somebody needs to step up and give me reasons why what he thinks is wrong.

    Locked obviously does not like the guy and linking to reddit hasn't given me what I'm looking for.

    edit - reasons why "Mitt Romney is better" is good information to me too

  9. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    It's not our responsibility to spoonfeed you that information.

  10. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    I'm not asking to be spoonfed information asshole, I'm asking for opposing opinions. I can look up all the Ron Paul information I want, but like I said, It's going to be biased in his favor.

    There's this new thing called debating. Where two sides argue their side. My side is Ron Paul. I like what he stands for. I like what he wants to do. If someone else doesn't like Ron Paul, I want them to tell me why

    I'm not psychic. I can't read Locked's mind. Him linking me to reddit does not tell me why he doesn't like Ron Paul or why he does like whoever.

  11. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    That looks like you're asking for information not presenting an argument. I guess this whole argument thing is actually new for you as well, considering jumping to "pimento" over something so petty as declaring it's not our responsibility essentially strips you of any credibility towards your ability to* debate.

  12. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    an opposing OPINION bro. I like how he's against the TSA, for smaller government, against raising taxes, and against meddling in the affairs of foreign countries.

    This thread hasn't passed one page yet and I've already said this too many times.
    Now, if you can explain to me why asking for someone else's opinion is being "spoonfed information" then I'm all ears.

  13. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    I guess you haven't heard context before, you're expecting someone to explain to you why ron paul isn't perfect, claiming you've done proper research and all of it is good things to say. There's these things called adjectives you can add to the end of your google search to get opposite results.

    But one of the reasons I don't care about any of the politicians is because majority of them make promises and tell the country what it wants to hear. You really think if he gets elected anything will change? lol'd. Politic's is for big kids e_e.

    So what color bib are you wearing today?

  14. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    Smaller government and lower taxes inevitably means less of all these things, what do you think pays for them?

    However you describe it, getting rid of foreign aid's also a problem for compassion and decency.

    It isn't to say these people aren't compassionate, or honest - my feeling is more that they're not thinking about the actual consequences of their actions.

  15. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    I want someone to tell me why THEY think Ron Paul isn't the right candidate. Not link me to reddit.

    Oh look we've made some progress!!! You've given me your opinion on politics. Just FYI, this is not information I could have found on Google.

    You know what KhainiWest you're right. What was I thinking about asking all of these "opinion" questions? I'm just going to go to Google and ask it why Locked doesn't like Ron Paul.

    -15 seconds later-

    I couldn't find anything. Halp me plz

    oh sorry, I didn't realize that smaller government and lower taxes reduced respect and humility. Thank you for that information.

    I'm fine with a small amount of intervention in other countries, but we have gone way too far. We fight in these wars, bomb up the cities, and then have to pay for the damages that we caused. They don't even want us there, but we've been forcing our way in anyways. If we had a smaller amount of intervention, then the middle east might not have so much hate towards us. There's a big difference between being helpful and not getting off someone's back.

  16. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    ...Did you read any of my links? Most of his foreign policy is inaccurate according to that.

  17. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    Well, lets see what we got here.

    The first article is about his foreign aid policy and that poor people do not pay for foreign aid. The rich pay for foreign aid, while poor people's tax money is given back to them (for the most part) and the middle class pays for stuff like social security. I find that to be highly idiotic. Every penny sent over (no matter who sent it) is less money that we have to work on our own country. Not to mention (according to this article) a large portion (around 75%) of the money sent over, ends up in the hands of people in that country who are already rich.

    On to the 2nd article!! Well... I had a hard time figuring out if this guy is for or against Ron Paul. He agrees with Ron Paul through most of it, but disagrees on what would happen if Iran did manage to make Nuclear weapons. He thinks that Iran would take its power and run with it, gaining control of the world's oil and that the US would be powerless to stop them since we will not detonate a nuke no matter the circumstances. I'm not sure that this rag tag group would be able to stand up against the strongest military in the world even if they developed a nuke.

    The 3rd article is about the internet thinks Ron Paul is ahead but actually the internet says Mitt Romney is ahead. Don't really know what to say about this to be honest. I don't really think this matters that much.

    The last article talks about what to do with the military budget over the next 10 years and how it will change. This article was complete speculation and I honestly do not know enough about the military budget to make my own opinion on how it will change in 10 years.

  18. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    ...I'm just going to correct this one as I don't have the patience to do 3 other articles.

    In other words foreign aid is paid by federal taxes which you file at the end of the year. You give the federal government money or you get money back, for those instances where money is given a portion of it goes to foreign aid. Half the problem the USA isn't recovering is because the government can't control spending. It's like a child in toys r us with funds from his paper route, and trying to buy a whole store.

    None the less it's a common fact that majority of the country does not pay towards taxes as so many deductions are available to bring your income to a non-taxable amount. Mainly it's credits, EIC, Poverty, standard deductions, amounts put into your investments ect ect.

    He wants to completely remove income taxes, which is majority of the governments pay, (although I don't necessarily disagree as it is unconstuitional to charge income tax), but it comes back to supporting the poor and draining the middle class. From my understanding, Ron paul is no different in Obama of the socialist fear. He wants to hit the richer harder (as they don't pay much tax either) and help the poor more.

    Sounds great right? Helping the needy, taxing the scammers! What is wrong with this!? Middle class. Where's the line where someone like my father at 150k a year, considered rich, and when he's considered poor. Typically what happens is the middle class takes on the burden that people who make 10x their income, it's unproportional, while the subordinates could possibly be making more in net income than my father just because he's not considered "Upper middle class".

    The united states is divided between the rich and the poor, the middle class is falling apart and that balance is going to devastate a lot of well off families. Based on ron paul's "legislation" he wants to continue to dissolve the middle class and sort them out appropriately, disportional or not.

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    Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    I'm not going to get into US politics, so haven't really read or watched any of the above.
    However, one thing I remember from reading Heinlein's Libertarian speeches decades ago: Libertarianism demonstrates that "Complicated questions have simple, easy-to-understand, wrong answers."

  20. Default Re: Wow, Ron Paul is amazing

    First article; they are correct, the quote at the beginning is wrong in that poor people here are not paying any considerable amount into foreign aid, but it ignores the incredible importance of the second half of the quote. Until we completely rework our system of foreign aid, we are just pouring money into the pockets of incredibly wealthy and possibly hostile overlords in other countries. Also, "If you don't want to pay for federal budget operations with your excise taxes, don't smoke." is horrible and they should feel horrible for saying it, but that's more the article writer's bias so it can just be ignored in this argument, I guess.

    Second article; I agree with most of the positives he pointed out aside from him being anti-abortion (though it's entirely possible that's just him making political stances to make himself look better...that still doesn't make it OK, though). Here's where the article goes south, though, "The Soviets were communists, and communists are atheists. The last thing an atheist wants to do is die in a mushroom cloud, because there's no afterlife for him". LOL, what? Again, that's an article writer opinion and (probably) not a legitimate fact, so we can ignore that, but goddamn that kind of undercuts the seriousness of the article nevertheless. Just because Iran has a religion based on an awesome afterlife doesn't mean they ALL want to die. Particularly the leaders. The leaders are smart enough to know that it's just a control method to force the underlings to do exactly as they say; the leaders are the ones with control of the supposed nukes, and they will not be as quick to use them as "generic plane terrorist A". "and the Iranians will have a free hand to strangle the world's oil supply." is more idiocy on the part of the article writer, so we can ignore that, too; in reality, we get over 50% of our oil right here in the US. Maybe other countries would suffer, but that's not really our problem; if they DO suffer from it, maybe they will get off their lazy asses and do something about it. That's not a very nice way of putting it, but you can only take pacifism so far, and they need to learn to be a LITTLE more aggressive with finding solutions; until now they have relied on us to be the strongarm to solve all their problems, and Ron Paul is making it clear he no longer wants this to be the case. Which is appropriate.

    Third article; this is just an article making fun of some websites for predicting election results incorrectly. So? Who cares what people actually THINK of Ron Paul, this thread is about his actual policies, not his social acceptance. It's my general rule of thumb that a person is usually smart, but people are usually stupid; as persons collaborate, they become a group, and there is nothing stupider in today's society than a very large group of "people". Which is exactly what an election in a country this size is; it SHOULD even out, but it seems that, when in a group, a person lowers their intelligence to the lowest common denominator. Can't say I know why, can't say I like it, but there it is. Anyway, I already am pretty sure Ron Paul isn't going to win even the primary, but that doesn't make his policies any less impressive. It just means that "people" can not recognize him for the genius (OK, overreaching a little bit there) that he is.

    Fourth article; Only the first three paragraphs are even ABOUT Paul. However, if they were not taken out of context, then yes, he did mess that statement up pretty badly.



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