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    Gonna be honest. This is probably my worst work yet lol (as I work on the coloring/shading still and )... (cause got forbid I hate drawing women) and im at my last straw with this request picture.

    Going on topic here. In the first picture the guy requested his character and his gf. But he wants them to sit on the weapon shown in his hands and to be honest I wouldnt know how to place it : / And do note the hammer is suppose to be LARGE.

    So artist of South Perry please help


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    first of all! that's such a cute drawing! I love it!

    and I only thought of one way! :(

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    This way works, but composition will be a bit awkward.

    You could try this one. You might need to rework the background a bit, and how they are sitting, but it would give the hammer more use. Basically they just sit on the handle.

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    Try Miek's idea + Sn1perJohnE's tilt if you want an easier way out. I'd put the guy on the lower end of the tilt. Heavier guy making the hammer go down, woo. Plus the way the characters are sitting and kissing at the same height confuses me.

    And this is why you get a majority of the rough work done so things like this don't happen. D:

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    How about they sit on it's side(as you said, it's supposed to be LARGE)?

    | |-----

    o's being the couple.



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