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  1. Default Can't verify account. What do?

    I've been waiting about 6 weeks to change my password. I try every few days to get the verification email but it never sends. I get other spam from Nexon, and I get the email follow ups from tickets just fine too.

    I decided to submit a ticket about a month ago asking if they could manually send it.

    "Blah blah blah Due to security concerns, we are unable to manually send you a verification email. Blah blah. Buy NX and we might reconsider"

    So... Any ideas what to do until I inevitably get hacked as I cannot change my PW or any other information? I know Nexon can't keep their database secure....
    Tickets didn't help. Spamming verification button didn't work. Waiting 6 weeks didn't work. I haven't tried charging NX, but I'd rather eat my own pomegranate and wipe with sandpaper than give them a cent after this occurred.

  2. Lead Ball

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    10 months ago I was hacked and had the same problem (No verification email received). I sent a ticket and they replied with the old "change your email" method - which I'm not sure if it's valid anymore. All it took was to fax them the filled out form and a photocopy of my ID. The whole thing took about 3 weeks if you don't care to wait that long assuming they still allow you to change info that way.



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