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  1. Default The Dark Tower Series

    Reading Dark Tower
    Currently on second book
    Roland is badass

    Detta so racist
    White person? Honky mahfah.
    I hope she dies soon.

    So, I remembered...
    Long ago, saw this picture
    Suddenly makes sense

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    Default Re: The Dark Tower Series

    Lol at the picture, that's awesome.
    The books are definitely worth sticking with. I read every single one and loved every minute of it, the way it all fits together and the unrelenting action, especially in the last few novels, vampires, cyborgs, tunnel monsters and all sorts of crazy pomegranate. And if you are a fan of Stephen Kings works, the way it fits in and connects with all his other works is just amazing (such as a crossover with Salems Lot, The Stand, The Shining, Carrie, Insomnia, Rose Madder and so much more)

    I won't lie, the story is weird. very very weird, but it's awesome in its own way. The only part of the series i didn't like was Book 4 (Wizard and Glass) which is all one big flashback before the events of the series and it's a bit boring really, but it's worth it.

    and regarding Detta Holmes:

  3. Default Re: The Dark Tower Series

    Great series. Wolves of the Calla was my favorite book. Razmos summed everything up pretty well.

  4. Default Re: The Dark Tower Series

    I'm mid-way through book 3 now, and I don't quite hate her anymore. I think she'd be a huge barrier to the planned movie(s), though - I can imagine some SERIOUS backlash in response to her. I had a hearty lol @ the little robots though. Poor snake



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