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  1. Default Unscheduled Maintenance - Windia and Nova - 01.19.2012

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    -gets home from work-
    oh boy time to log in and try out all these funky ass new events
    lemme just
    -plays on windia-
    -windia is now unscheduled maintenance mode-

    play something else!

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    to clarify the issue (because nexon doesnt tell us anything):

    opening storage gave us hell bans again
    some people werent unhellbanned

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    I predict that they will unhellban us, but the problem will return once we touch the Storage NPC.

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    or even better
    everyone who was not hellbanned is now hellbanned
    and vice versa

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    Well, at least it was surprising that they got the important stuff down so quickly. Though I would like to know why Scamdia's Hot Time compensation boxes disappear when you try to use it.



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