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  1. Cash0 [KMS]No Fun ,true on maplestory

    hey,guys,i am playing kms on zenith now,but something disappoint,everyone seems like godly and 1 attack can destory everything,,so,what is the fun after big bang,idk.

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    Just learn to ignore dmg, works fine for me. The new level speed might seem stupid to some, but Im pretty sure we're all thankful for these changes.

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    Curious about the video but I sadly cant see it.. gr

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    Every time one of these topics come up on SP, a sea turtle dies.

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    Can't even read it..Anyway..Yeah okay it's sad that MapleStory has moved on and changed but who cares? Things change that's how it will always be. Hopefully NEXON can start adding onto and bring back the lost areas as theme dungeons, or in the case of GMS just get them. The game evolves and that's how it'll be. You shouldn't expect Nintendo to keep Mario the way it was back on the NES and you shouldn't expect NEXON to keep Maplestory the same.

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    I read "a sea of turtles" and died a little inside.



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