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    I'm playing on arcania with a really low budget so professions is my main source of "good"equips; I want to know if the chance of getting hidden potential from fusing decrease when the equips I'm fusing are higher in level, it may be a perception or just plain bad luck but I tend to get more hidden potentials from low level equips than high lvl ones.

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    I guess it's possible... though I haven't noticed that.

    I get hidden pot equips mainly from Monster Park, good supply since they always have pot. Trouble is finding the items you want, as I don't think there's documentation of what drops from each mob. I get about 12 items per round in the 85-95 one (roids) all 80-100 gear, thanks to 2x drop finally working.

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    If you need warrior gear for 90-100 (female), go to Sky Training. That is an awesome supply, and yesterday, warrior gear always dropped.

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    Idk, but last night I bought approximately 44~ lvl 30 archer bottoms from henesys and started fusing them. I only had 10 mag glasses and ended up using all 10. I don't have info yet to compare to higher level equips, but it seems to be a pretty good rate for getting hidden pot items.

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    nah, potentialed % is the same for all levels, i always get 1-8 of 24 crafts so its around 20~25%. crafting level doesnt matter either. i constantly re-max professions for the diligence and will.

    edit: realized you asked about fusing
    and no its about the same.

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    I think it appears that way because low level equips are more readily available to mass craft/fuse than higher leveled ones.

    edit: I think I saw you around kachuu musha the other day



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