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Thread: Windia crashed?

  1. Default Windia crashed?

    Did windia just crash or is it just me...?
    Wasted ANOTHER 1.5 buff.

  2. Can you hear it?
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    yes windia has been crashing. Also you should have post this in the world section.

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    My bad.
    And @ Connor. The server did crash the dots were completely red for about 5 minutes. I know where to look.
    Didnt expect it to be up again so quickly.

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    Well that explains why my shop closed. I was confused as I was sure I had a few hours left of it being open at around noon EST.

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    If it's back up in 5 minutes, it was probably a connection issue or something on Nexon's end, it usually takes a bit longer than 5 minutes for the majority to be able to get back on from a crashed server.

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    Yeah it has to be, I was quite suprised it was back so quick. Many people again had a small rollback.
    (Including me) Not much changed though, just got some stuff back I dropped that was untradable.



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