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  1. Default Clarifying the epic potential scroll

    Logically, this means

    80% success
    16% fail, nothing happens
    4% boom

    But Nexon could have typed it wrong and it really means

    80% success
    20% boom

    What I want to know is

    1. How does it work in KMS?

    2. Does anyone have proof or reliable source of using an epic potential scroll in GMS and it failing and the item not booming

    3. If the 16% fail does happen, does anything else happen besides losing the scroll?

    4. For clarification purposes, these scrolls can be used on 'rare' items and 'non-potentialed' items correct?

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    someone from southperry said already that they used it on an item and it failed, but didn't blow it up, it was on blades4hire angrydome thread IIRC. i used one but it passed, so i can't say.

    it can be used on rare items (it's what i did) no idea about nonpot, but i think so.

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    Rare and below should merit that the scroll can be used on non potential'd items...if there is no confirmation on this I will check later as I am cubing when I get home tonight.

    I used one on an item and it failed and boomed...guess I should've used a 20% first? lol

    I'm curious as to where you got the logical breakdown of 16% fail no boom and 4% fail boom assumption would be if failed, 80% chance no boom, 20% chance boom (I always assumed once a scroll that can blow an item up fails, it goes into a different section, almost like an "if then" statement or flowchart of sorts).

  4. Default

    80% pass

    20% fail (20% blow up, 80% nothing) = 4% that it will fail, 16% that it will fail and do nothing.

  5. Default

    P(Success) = 80%
    P(Fail) = 20%
    P(Boom | Fail) = 20%

    So if the scroll is used, it has a 20% chance to fail. If it fails, it has a 20% chance to boom.

    So First of all, we only worry about the 20% chance to fail part. Now of that 20% chance of failing, 20% of that causes a boom. Therefore 20% of 20% is 4% boom, which means 16% of nothing happening

  6. Default

    I can confirm it can be used on non-potted items.

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  8. Default

    Huh, that does make it better than advanced pots in not breaking.
    Taking the infinite series, .8 + 4/25*.8 + (4/25)^2*.8 + ... = .8/(1-4/25) = 95.24% success, whereas breaks are the other 4.76%.

    Number of scrolls used = 1 + .16 + .16*.16 + ... = 1/(1-.16) = 1.19 per item.



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