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  1. Default Legit or no? - Fighting glitched bosses.

    So, after reading through the thread concerning how not to disconnect at the Showa mafia bosses, I decided to give the bosses another go myself.

    Unsurprisingly, I managed to kill all the bosses in record time.
    It was remarkably boring, of course, since all I had to do was make sure I moved every 100 attacks and repot for MP (Paladin defense lulz).

    But, thinking about the fight, it got me thinking.
    Would you consider those who fight glitched bosses to be legit?

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    If you have to ask the answer is always no.

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    With all of the LHC glitch bull pomegranate and just the direction the game is this point; Who cares? Nexon refuses to fix pineapple all that isn't entirely game destroying, and even then they refuse to fix some of the stuff that reaches into that category... Those bodyguards have been like that since when? Since BIG BANG released? It's been over a god damn YEAR. They don't care. Why should we?

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    If there was an option to fight the unglitched ones, it'd be considered not legit.

    However, if there's no choice, it becomes a feature.

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    I Von Leon with a smattering of guildies pretty frequently. Depending on who comes, our chance of success could dip below 50%. The only sure way we beat it is if he "glitches" - he stands in place, and lets us maul him. I'd rather he didn't glitch at all, but it's not our duty to quit the boss as soon as one of Nexon's many mistakes rears its head.

    If experiencing glitches makes someone illegitimate, Nexon runs an illegitimate game.

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    There's nothing wrong with this in-game act. At all. Saying otherwise is unreasonable.

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    Why do people care so much about this? Do you get to be in a superspecialawesome group or something if you label yourself with something? The game is broken as hell, just play it and don't do something dumb to get yourself banned, that's all you need to know in Maple Story.

    inb4 Spanish Inquisition

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    Most of us are off put by the templars and their constant purges, but there is something to be said against the opposing outlook. You can't just say the games broken therefore anything goes, that'll only accelerate the crapification of the game and make it worse for everyone. The reason we have community standards, any kind of social expectations at all, is because the alternative is untenable. For example if hacking was acceptable to the community, there would be absolutely no reason to do things the "right" way - and no one would.

    We have to have some higher bar than what Nexon obviously failed to set for player conduct.

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    I think i more or less agree with this.
    Killing bosses once a day, that you could kill without too much trouble regardless of bug, should not be a problem. You will not get unfair advantages doing this because there are other options that could give you as much or more EXP. Even if you hunted Castellan till you arse fell off you would not get much more EXP than grinding at LHC. Not to mention Castellan is a meek joke ever since Big bang and is not a bigger threat attacking than he is unresponsive.

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    I get more out of Maplestory playing it as it was intended to as far an extent as I can. But obviously that makes me an elitist. =_=

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    No, this is pretty much the only adult way of playing games.

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    I'm not saying it's a-okay to use hacking programs, I just find it ridiculous when people ask "Guys... c-can I go to this map?... Will I be l-legit?"...

    It's not that hard to figure out yourself and stop depending on others. Don't use hacks, don't party with hackers. The rest of the game is broken as hell, so just try to get around without getting banned or suffering damages, like tools who bought illegit 500 attack items with their legit money, and Nexon removed (some) of them, they had it coming, you don't even need to ask "Um, guys, c-can I b-buy this hacked 500 attack weapon? Will I be legit?", who cares about that, it's not about being illegit, it's about being dumb.


    Answering to TC, it hasn't been patched for months, not caused by hacks, and you're not glitching the game. Go for it tiger.

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    The boss is only glitched because of a programming error. You're not really taking advantage of anything because the EXP isn't any better compared to actually grinding and PQing, it's merely another option. If anything, it'd be considered "illegit" if you yourself glitched the boss on purpose, which you nor anyone else did not.

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    It's a sad day when unpaid hackers can run the game better than Nexon.

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    So glad that the first response was a statement that is as trite as it is inaccurate.
    Clearly, you don't know how questions work, do you? (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!)

    I'd imagine that it gives people some sense of superiority to claim that they're morally elite, yes.
    I didn't ask the question for validation; I was just curious on other players' stances on participating in glitched content.

    Personally, I don't see it as game-breaking or giving a ridiculous advantage, so I don't really care.
    I'll also not be doing it again as it is boring as hell, and I wouldn't have bothered if I wasn't watching something else.

    Since when was the game all about experience?
    There is also the matter of items.

    It's also presumptuous to say that everyone who makes runs of glitched bosses could kill them normally.
    I was once in a squad at CZak that was doing absolutely fine until someone aggro'd all the arms at once.
    From there, it fell apart.
    Exidous gave a similar example as well.
    Just something to consider.

    I have enjoyed reading the discussion.
    Appears that the general consensus is that abusing a glitch is okay as long as it doesn't give an advantage that would be considered outrageous on a relative scale.
    Not unexpected.

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    By definition, "HAHA YOU'RE ILLEGIT, NOOB". But by, as you can see, community stand point acceptable. A 'perfect' legit wouldn't even attempt it, but because of how our community/game is now, it's pretty much socially acceptable to do anything that doesn't bring in an irrational difference of exp/profit to a player who doesnt

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    IMO, it depends, if you actively have to do something to make the boss glitched, then it's illegit. If the boss happens to be glitched for everyone for a long time and the glitch isn't game breaking and there's no way of avoiding it, then it's nexon's or hackers fault, whatever the cause is. Example: That time zakum almost never attacked, or LHC spawn enhancer hack.

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    You expected us bossers to lay on our backs and do nothing for 2 months while PB/HT/CHT/zak/Czak/etc was aggro glitched without any involvement of hacks/glitches? The only reason i ever was able to boss in my 17x was because of that glitch, and it gave me motivation to reach 19x where i can boss normally.

    Putting fault on the player in this case is horribly incorrect.

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    I feel like this game no longer offers the option to be legit.

    As to if this actually matters in this case, the boss drops are worthless and it's not fast exp anymore.
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    I wouldn't go out of my way to not fight them, but... there's also not much point.

    If I was trying to complete my Monster Book, I'd probably go kill them and not care about the glitch, since there's no alternative, that's just how they are atm.



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