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    If you listen to Radio Lab on NPR, you may have heard an peice about how population size can tell you so very much about a city, from crime rates to the speed in which people walk there. But these things are not strictly linear, and thus having a population of 35 thosand citizens may mean prosperity, and 50 thousand may be great, but 45 thousand could spell high crime.

    Numbers are made up, but the point still remains.

    What is the ideal population size for a server in maplestory, do you think?

    Does age effect a servers health?

    What are the most desirable qualities in a server?

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    Not Scania sized. Did you see the real hot time a few weeks ago? EVERY channel was full. you know how channel 1 usually looks? now multiply that by 19 and that would be scania. If anything, they should disallow any further character creation unless you have slots (or will have slots) in Scania WITH already existing characters.

    If anything Scania needs another channel that we don't have for some reason. It just mysteriously disappeared a few years ago.

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    I think about half or a quarter the size of the popular servers (bera, scania, ect.) with a decent level spread would make the perfect server size

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    I think culture means more than raw size to my quality of game life. Being in a thirteen channel server means the douchiest ppl2pass types mostly stay away, as do the more hardcore hackers. I think we have less hackers per capita than almost any other world. Yeah, I'd like to be able to fight empress, but at least there are some unintended benefits to the status quo.



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