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  1. Default TH3 BL1ND 1NV3ST1G4T1ON! : 3P 1: TH3 BLOODY MURD3R

    The bright city of Southperry stands gallant. Though many stand against it's awe inspiring information hub, it can not be disturbed. For all that is great and good. Darkness holds its mighty grip of the city! Though many do not see it, and even those who are apart of this mafia may not know that their neighbor is apart of that very same mafia! Unknowingly killing their friends and neighbors in secret. The "Secret Society" hold their grip on the realm and all those that wish to disturb it are murdered instantly and straight away! Though we may never know who would dare do these things, we know that there is truth and a good soul ready to tear it apart somewhere in this mafia!

    ...And as our story comes to its beginnings, the Mafians begin coming together at their HQ the SS. Yoshimaru! The most gallant and glorious ship in the entire world! Standing tall and long! The almost-indestructable ship holds still at the docks of the Southperry east commons. As our mafians come together for their great meeting...


    -Current time: Day 0 -Will end at 6 PM Wednesday 11/1/2012 -YOU CAN POST ON DAY 0-
    -No Lynching on Day 0!
    -Discussions are open till 6PM Wednesday!

    -Raul removed for being in timeout-
    Stores open on DAY 01!

    Solarboy - Doctor
    TheThunderBandit - Reg. mafia. <dude just has more cash>
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    As Pyrope's text was sent to everyone far and wide in the land of Southperry, the slow and grumpy members of the so-called mafia meet up in their usually retarded looking attire. Disguised for if anyonefound out who they were! They would be clubbed! Now as we settle in for the Day of the first meeting. We begin with minor conversation on "Yoshimaru: Dock area" where everyone eagerly waits to get on this boat and get this party started!


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    With a silent look in his face, Alloy steps forward, towards the dock, scribbling notes about thoughts gathered the previous day.

    Who left the toilet open? You suspect of yourself, even though you are quite sure you usually use the kitchen sink. A mistery to solve later. Next on the list, laundry. It was done. Not eventful. That's suspicious. A bag of chips, a box of matches, cereal... That's what you forgot to buy this morning. You blame the orange juice. But there's a more important matter to attend... Who broke into your house and left a turd over your used dishes? You may never know. But now it's time fo-

    Alloy falls on the water, without noticing the end of the dock, and looses his notes in the process. Along with all of his inventory items and power-ups. You'll fondly miss double jumping.

    After managing to find a way out, Alloy reaches the gathering point. Even though only a weirdo with what seems like an afro wig is there.

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    I'll close your eyes
    In a world far away
    We may meet again
    But now hear my song
    About the dawn of the night

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    Anyone know why y0shi is bolded in red?

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    I was lazy sorry.

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    The cloud cover looms over the harbor as the guest seem to arrive on the boat. Although the group begins to make the way to their rooms for the night. Something seems troubling... Troubling them all as if a sense of death and destruction looms over all.... With the misterious miasma exist around our parts of the woods, or ocean for that matter. We begin to sleep silently~

    Night 1 extended till Friday. Mother is still ill. I apologise, but with it being a Day action. If this continues on saturday keith will play god.
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    As the melodies of the night faded to end the day began to break. Yet as the soft melodies of the night have ended it appears that sleepy head z0mgc00k13 will not wake. Poor thing won't be able to do a damn thing today. Oh well. And it appears the seer has left us a message of doom and resentment. Hrm I wonder what this could mean for our boat-mates?

    It is day 1, day 1 will end at 9:00PM Saturday.


    1- Smelly sock: Causes person to be KO'd for the night.
    2- Grease: Cause those not as sturdy as you to fall and become KO'd for the day.

    Both items are going for $12,500 and you can only buy one of each!

    Items can only be bought during the day<<<
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    Oh boy it's finally starting! inb4 only post of the day.



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    Don't see how the time restrictions are bad. I have no clue who to vote for...mainly posting to say I am here.

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    @mod: Is it true that the day will end in 5 hours? (I'm assuming that the time line is in EST)

    @Chaotic: I'm used to days being a week to a week and a half in length to try to get more information.

    Why are you hesitant to place a vote on another user?

    [Vote] ChaoticCJ
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    ...did you make that?

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    Why are you so quick to put a vote on another user?

    I don't and have never liked to take someone out on the first day. Southperry luck is to kill the detective on the first day because people aren't active enough.


    Personally I would rather vote for you, but to save myself I am voting for Solarboy. Another reason I am voting for Solarboy is no response yet.

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    1. First of all with thirteen players, I was assuming that it would take seven to secure a lynch. Can a moderator confirm if this is how the game is going to be played or someone who has checked in with a moderator earlier today? Knowing this information would be helpful.

    2. I noticed that z0mgc00k13 "will not wake" which I assumed meant he was killed the prior night. When I re-read though I realized that this might not be the case as Derosis stated, "Poor thing won't be able to do a damn thing today." That means that we have a role that basically takes people out from the day-phase and I'm assuming makes them unable to participate, vote, or scumhunt. Also seeing how this role didn't need a shop in order to use this ability, I'm leaning towards this role being more of an indie/mafia role than a town role at the moment. I think this information would also be helpful in the future.

    With respect to the points raised in [2], the "Grease" ability might have caused z0mgc00k13 to be unable to participate for the day. However if that were the case, then we have some sort of privileged shop role or a millionaire role perhaps that has special/early access to the shop. I don't see the benefit of knocking someone out on the first day. Hell, I don't see the benefit of buying something so early on and using it on another player without having any reasons / purposes for doing so. This seems like more of a player elimination tactic than a rational use of resources that I would expect from a townie. So even if the ability is something that can be bought/used by town, I don't think that the ability N1 was used by someone aligned with town, unless they were being incredibly reckless.

    There are some other things that are troubling me, such as what if the mafia are able to access the shop, buy Greese, knock out townies and then proceed with forcing the vote around mid to late game. That means that we need to prioritize lynches early this game, otherwise end-game is just going to be one-sided and extremely gruesome. There are some other effects of "Grease" that haven't been covered.

    Vote: z0mgc00k13

    @mod: requesting a vote count.

    3. I would like people to give some reads on my discussion with ChaoticCJ. There isn't going to be a lot of content and I don't think a lynch will formulate. But at the very least I would like people to weigh in on this read within the next hour or so if they are available. I'll out some more of my own thoughts at the end of the day. But for now my vote remains.




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