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  1. Default KMST 1.2.416 - Aswan & Character Deck

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    Character Deck UI


  2. Default

    "Character Deck"?
    Phantom wouldn't get that much UI.
    Making sets for skills would be overpowered (Switch between: Support, Tank, Attack, GOD.)
    So I guess this is A: A trading card-type mini game or B: Some type of Aswan-summon.

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    I really wish that instead of just increasing enemy strength for higher level PQs that they would add things specifically to them to make it more difficult. So the low level ones would just have a basic run-through and boss while the highest level one would have that Hwacha (as seen on mythbusters) and the boss could have more spells.


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    Character deck looks really nice. What are the recipes? Google translate has 'empeoreoseu' in pretty much all of them. Empress equips? Emperor?

  5. Default

    I agree.

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    pineappleing Nexon. They put a wrong value in a place that took an hour to debug, and it's not even my fault. Dammitall.

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    Hey Fiel. Was there any data sneaked in regarding character deck other than the UI?

  8. Default

    There was, but not in any way that would make it useful to the average mapler.

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    The new character selection screen is nice :)

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    Why do all the 130 equips have no pvp damage?

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    ^they aren't PvP-related equips I don't think.

    The PvP equip icons are just placeholders right?

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    Alright, thanks. Just thought I'd ask. ^^

  14. Meme Oppressor Bi Transgender - Female to Male
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    I'm in love with the Atomic/아토믹 hair.

  15. Default

    =O An easier to look through character select screen and non-PvP 130 weapons?

    Awesomeness x3

    Also the character deck thing looks interesting, can't wait to see what that's about ;D

  16. Idiot. Male
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    New character selection screen

    Fighting a tower

    Defeating the tower "boss"


    Where does this lead to?

    I don't know.

    Royal Hair guy IN the CS

  17. Default

    SO SEXY.

  18. Default

    LOVE IT.

    Wonder what the new Character Deck system is. Might it be related to the Inner Ability system?



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