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    I made myself a Reverse Blooms. Scrolled it and got 6/7 scrolls to work. Then used an AEE. I made myself a lv110 legendary dual bow when I hit 110, with 5/7 scrolls working followed by an AEE. After finishing my Reverse Blooms tonight, I used 2 spare Enhance scrolls on my Legendary with the idea it'd blow up. It did not. I have no idea which one would be better to use.



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    I would do that, but if I did, that makes the Reverse untradable. If the legendary one is better to use, I can sell the Reverse. Hence my dilemma.

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    ill say reverse, more atk when it lvls up

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    I would say the reverse one but that 3% all stats, how much % dex you got already?

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    Reverse assuming you don't get screwed over with the level ups. If you cube the Legendary a few times and get something like 6% Att it could be better though.

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    21% without the bow, 24% with.

    I cubed the bow once to get the 3% all stats shortly after I first got it. Though at the time I wasn't aware all lv110 legendary weapons came out with Epic. My original intention was to make the Reverse Blooms, and if I got it to 3 lines I'd cube that to something decent and toss the Legendary. I really didn't expect both enhances to work. I almost feel like I should just push my luck more with enhances on the Legendary, since no matter what I can't do anything more with it.

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    I'd stick with the Legendary just for the lower strength requirement, depends how you're accomplishing 125 str though.

    As far as I can tell, after the Reverse is leveled up the two will be approximately equal, if your str's the same either way. Another enhance, or better epic pot, and the Legendary would be better.

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    I used another enhance on my Legendary, and it worked. So now it's up to 127 att, and 8 dex. Guess I'm sticking with my Legendary, and will sell my Reverse.




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