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  1. Default Good anti-virus and spyware programs

    Just wanted to ask you guys what y'all think are good programs.

    I'm more specifically looking to get a good anti-spyware program since I'm already running Avast. But I haven't really been up to date as to what programs are good anymore.

    MS players are probably the most secure players anyway \o/.

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    I use Malwarebytes for my anti-spyware.

    Avast ftw...

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    Surprisingly, Microsoft Security Essentials works quite well, and doesn't eat up much in the way of resources. Honestly though, the only thing you will ever need for casual browsing is NoScript.

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    Cept for some reason, my FF has started to lag a lot lately. So I've switched to Chrome which doesn't have noscript.

    Also: thread for good chrome extensions.

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    Spybot S&D for spyware...

    Personally I use Symantech Endpoint Protection, effective, lightweight no BS pop-ups, almost everyday definition updates...not sure about the cost, free from University.

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    My dad installs that piece of sh*t on every computer he can. ._. It's such an annoying program. It'll delete any program you have that it thinks could be harmful with no way of recovering it. On top of that, it conflicts with a lot of anti-hacking programs that MMOs run, like Hackshield.

    I'm running Avast now and it works pretty damn good.

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    Running Avast & Spybot S/D as well, haven't had any problems in the many years I've run the combo. Avast even has a Silent Gaming Mode, no popups ever unless something actually tries to bite your computer.

    Been hearing great things about Microsoft Security Essentials though (besides from people in this thread), so that could very well be worth looking into, since it's probably on your computer already anyway.

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    The deleting is a settings thing that you or your dad didn't figure out. Mine always quarantines it and I can choose to restore it or not.

    I NEVER had any problems with anti-hacking programs from MMOs while using it, not even once.

    Just to be clear, it looks like this:

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    Yeah, I've fiddled with it multiple times before. Even adding the programs as exceptions, then telling it to restore the program, I always get some error saying that the process could not be complete. This is why I always hate having to use my dad's computer. :| Half the pomegranate I do gets deleted by that program because it's stupid.

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    Right now I'm using Avast. I used ESET NOD32 for a while on my old laptop and that worked pretty well... until my license expired.

    Don't bother with Security Essentials. Gives me tons of false errors and stuff and pops up alot... REALLY annoying.



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