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    Horrible thread title, my apologies: I've got a level 148 Bishop which I've been using as an HS mule, and I got an AP reset from the coin shop for it. I don't attack on it at all, so I've been thinking about pouring all of the AP into STR and HP in order to maximise survivability. Just wondering if anyone knows how much INT/MATK I'd need in order to still be able to use Heal occasionally? Being able to heal myself to full and party members by 10k or so would be fine I'd think. How much STR would give a good amount of Weapon DEF? Worst case scenario I suppose I could just add everything to STR first time then get another reset and mix HP in afterwards.

    I suppose another important question is, does STR actually affect Weapon DEF for Mage classes? Just occured to me that it may not.

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    My Bishop (not well equipped) can't heal 10k HP for certain, I didn't do a careful measure but it was getting about 50% of its damage range in HP to party members (which being about 3.5k, meant 1700 hp per heal) When I party high HP classes I'm seeing 3-4 heals to refill them completely, but I haven't measured it exactly.

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    Going to log on mine now and do some science! I think my range is about 3.9k *waits for laptop to boot up*

    So, 3268 - 3631 range with my wand, 136 - 678 range with a red whip. Healing with the wand always takes me back up to full (as it would) and I have no one online to harass that I could heal to test on other players, but with the red whip equipped I've healed:


    That's with 839 INT (738+101), 33 LUK (4+29) and +2 M.ATK from gloves, 8 from Blessing of Empress, 10 from Spell Mastery.

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    2691~2990 range, Bishop + Dark Knight (Sac makes it easy to test in town)

    2248-2724 healed, mean 2486.
    As a percent of range: 83.54%, 87.53%, 91.1%
    So for one thing, this is worse mastery - baseline is 90%, this is only 82%. But still, to have healed 10k typically would need a range of 11428.



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