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  1. Default Shaman King: Oneshot

    Brought back memoriessss. Shaman King was one of the first mangas I ever discovered. Nostalgic.

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    Did it even end? I got bored when it got to the later stages and all the spirits were massive and boring.

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    Well, the end of the anime was very weird.

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    The anime and manga were VERYYY much different.

    There's actually a ending for the manga produced much later after the sudden hangup, the improvement in art style is amazing. The ending itself isn't what most expect. but it made me feel good.

    There's a scanlation around of SK 2. but i don't know if its still going on...

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    The manga got cancelled for a LONG time, so the anime made up roughly the last third itself. Then eventually in the kang-zen bang rereleases of Shaman king, the manga got a real ending. And, while seemingly squashed to fit in to 10ish chapters, it was better than the animes ending.

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    Shaman king was one of the first mangas i read through to the end (along with Full metal Alchemist). Watched the anime when it was out on TV cartoons, but only the dub version. It was a very enjoyable manga and anime and I hope to read more from the manga-ka.

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    He's doing a collaboration with Stan Lee that's still ongoing. People remember Heroman more, but Karakuridouji Ultimo is Stan Lee's other attempt to make it into anime/manga and he got the mangaka of Shaman King to work with him for this one. It's kinda lame, but it wasn't boring to follow.

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    Ultimo isn't being scanlated anymore but Viz is still publishing the volumes. Honestly it's pretty interesting, though there's a lot of use of deux ex machina almost to the point that it's a crutch.



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