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Thread: Familiar Hack

  1. Default Familiar Hack

    Not sure if I'm allowed to make threads like this here or not (not going to explain how it works, I don't even know, just discuss it), but hopefully I am:

    Has anyone encountered this lately? I got unbanned from a 30 day false GM Police autoban earlier today and went to LHC to train for a bit and EVERY SINGLE bears 5 map was taken with a hacker in it. Mostly Mercedes, with familiars that 1 hit kill the entire map all at once. I tried training for a bit in the one hacker-free map and in the 4 or so hours I trained there I had hackers ksing me every 15-20 minutes. The worst part, the party I was leeching left me to leech a hacker, and every time someone came in the map they were spamming either "J> hack party" or "R> leechers for hack party" Is that seriously what this game has come to? Everyone just wants to leech from hackers rather than actually playing the game? Makes me wonder if I should've bothered logging in after the ban or not...

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    Yep. Wasn't able to train today, and my free 2x card is going to waste. Quite frustrating.

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    I didn't know if i should make a thread on this myself.
    But yea i found out about it not too long ago. Seems pretty destructive and the way someone spoke of it it is public? Would need someone to confirm that as i avoid hack sites.

    I don't see it getting patched this week.. ._. nexons offices are empty right?

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    pineappleing annoying, to say the least. Who knows when it'll be fixed.

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    I think it's pretty funny watching all the little leechers run around thinking they're all pro.

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    Glad I haven't started training at LHC yet then.. lol

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    So that's why all the noob familiars I threw in the mts got sold so quickly >.>

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    You can put familiars in the MTS?

  10. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
    IGN: MariettaRC
    Server: Windia
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    +1 reason why I don't touch LHC with a hundred foot pole.

    This is just silly.

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    Wow. This game never ceases to amaze me, I wonder how long it's going to take until people realize the big bags of scum they have become. As Link has said before "You used to be frowned upon for even using a tiny glitch, now if you don't hack and abuse glitches you are not even included into the Maple community"

    Also, saw this in action today, needles to say I Sighed.

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    Yes! I was pretty excited when I found it out, actually ;o

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    Goes to Henesys.
    Farm Orange Mushroom cards.
    Sell then at 1k nx each in MTS.

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    Sorry but only the HP (No shroom) , MP (No Jr. Boogies), and drop rate increase (everyone) familiars are selling a lot and a decent prices...

    And the Spider familiar cost a lot now... is skyrocketing in MTS due that problem ....

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    didnt know this was familiars since i never saw the familiar, my friend has been leeching for like 20 levels it seems with a hacker doing hack and he said "No one in the party cares and neither do I so it doesnt matter." I hate it and in a small world with only 13 channels I see it all the time >.>.

  16. Can of Soup Male
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    Scoffing at my merc's 5.5k rank now, no telling how many of them are up to this junk. I actually caught a glimpse of it on one channel, i kept seeing the mobs die, i assumed it was some hax'd out DoT damage, but it seemed off cause i never saw any damage.

    Took me a hour and a half before I got into a normal bearwolf party thanks to guildies. Geez man.

  17. Neutron
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    Server: Windia
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    I had a problem with this during 2x. Some hacker showed up and said "I can 1-hit crockies". I told the party, "Guys he is a familiar hacker" and instead of ignoring the guy they asked if he hacked. Obviously he said no and they gawked at his godliness, and recruited him. I left afterwards.

    The amount of hacking that takes place in LHC alone is ridiculous.



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