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  1. Default GMS 1.04 - Legends ( Item )

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    Guess they only drop from Cygnus mobs.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Meaning anything that requires them are going to be RARE AS F'UCK once they revert their stats back to normal.

    Unless of course they drop from the spirits, which are going to be botted like hell.

  4. Deluxe Refrigerator Male
    IGN: GlaciaIWolf
    Server: Broa
    Level: 146
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Forte
    Alliance: HighestLevel


    Any chance that the music box reward rates are going to be extracted too? I'm wondering if it's going to be like last time where they advertise a ton of great stuff only to have random potions and other useless items get churned out the most.

  5. Default

    Nexon made a mistake, hopefully.

  6. Default

    Server sided
    Like Gachapon and Mystery Cash Shop Surprises

  7. Default

    Its 140+ same as nexon said , so the 180 should be a typo.

  8. Default

    Easy to check. Codex, anyone?

  9. Default

    I just checked my book on Memory Guardians, they drop the fragment.

  10. Electron Male
    IGN: ZxChaosDBzz
    Server: Galicia
    Level: 188
    Job: Blade Master
    Guild: Corrupted
    Alliance: KMCRsoulz


    Does anyone know if the Storm Growth Potion is account tradeable?



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