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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Harrison here. :D

    Hi, it's Harrison. Some of you probably recognize me hanging around the Ellinia section of Sleepywood.
    Sorry to hear about Fiel's unrightful ban from that website though.

    Apparently this is the introduction section of the forum.
    I'm a FP ArchMage playing on Scania. I still train by misting... and still have Lv 1 Meteo even though I'm almost 13x. (cuz I'm cheap).

    I'm also just about the only fourth jobber that chooses NOT to use a zhelm, because I love my mouse ear hat!


    Also, I'm wondering whether or not I am allowed to copy my Wolf Spiders guide to here, because this forum seems much faster than Sleepywood.
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  2. Default

    Welcomeee. Obviously you'd be able to post your guide here, as long as you're the writer, who can say where you can or cannot post your stuff? A few other people have been transferring their guides from SW to here as well.

  3. Default

    hiiii. :)

    glad to see a lot of contributing members from sw coming here. i recognize you, i lurk a lot in the magician section. ;o

  4. Harrisonized


    Well, the guides take up space, and some people don't like others using their bandwidth for stuff like that... (like, uploading your own pictures)



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