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    Battlemage (I)
    Battlemage (II)
    Battlemage (III)
    Battlemage (IV)
    Wild Hunter (I)
    Wild Hunter (II)
    Wild Hunter (III)
    Wild Hunter (IV)
    Mechanic (I)
    Mechanic (II)
    Mechanic (III)
    Mechanic (IV)
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    That looks weird... lol

    For BaMs Party shield with Combat Orders goes from needing 150MP to needing 160 at lvl 31 or 32 @.@ but it's effect stays the same as lvl 30 (40secs of invincibility)

    @Below: Yeah =S I dislike that it goes up in those weird increments lol
    I would've done something like 11, then 12, 13 etc etc to 40.

    Oh and Energizer @.@ jeez, they literally stretched the skill to have the same effect but require more SP =[
    1-3 = same stats, 4-6 same, over and over til 30 ><
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    Party shield is really pineappleed up now. They made it worse off.

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    Pretty much all of the Resistance skills are screwed up now, if you ask me.

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    So the Battlemage Twister Spin got nerfed?

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    It hits twice now, I believe, and at a faster rate than Chaos version.

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    Yay less overkill for Battlemages...
    They should do that to Dark Shock too..

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    Erm, so 4th job Siege Mode still has cooldown?

    That makes 3rd job Siege mode stronger then 4th job Siege Mode + 4th job Cannon (over time)...

    Fail Much?

    3rd Job Siege:
    - Chaos/Union -> 250(240)ms -> 810% = 3375%/s (no cooldown in Union)

    4th Job Tank:
    - Chaos (Crit Ring) -> 500(450)ms -> 673.5% = 1497%/s
    - Union (Crit Ring) -> 500(450)ms -> 808.2% = 1796%/s

    4th Job Siege
    - Chaos -> 250(240)ms -> 1012.5% = 4219%/s
    - Union -> 250(240)ms -> 1174.5% = 4894%/s

    Chaos 1x 4th Job Siege + 2x 4th Job Cannon / 3 = (4219+1497+1497)/3 = 2404%/s (+summons...)
    Union 1x 4th Job Siege + 2x 4th Job Cannon / 3 = (4894+1796+1796)/3 = 2829%/s (+summons...)
    Union 3rd Job Siege (infinite, no cooldown) = 3375%/s (+summons...)

    3rd Job wins...

    Excellent work Nexon...

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    Any insight on the delay between tank mode's basic attacks (between the group of 6 shots it fires)?

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    Looks like it's time to start a mech, I can never get any class to fourth job (save my Aran) so this is very good news for me.

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    It was already in my post ;).

    - Siege = 250ms per 6shots, 240ms with normal booster (this equals 20 shots of 6 hits in the +/- 5 second shoot of 4th Job Siege)
    - Canon = 500ms per 6shots, 450ms with normal booster

    But again, 3rd Job Siege without any cooldown is stronger then 4th Job Siege with it's cooldown + 4th Job Canon...

    Nexon really fcked up here... :/

    This would also explain why there is not ONE post-Union Mechanic video out there on Youtube which shows 4th job Siege without cooldown...

    Now I know why... 3rd Job Siege is good enough till lvl200... :S

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    I've seen a few post union mech vids that showed unlimited 4th job seige, although I'm not 100% sure the speed is still the same (could just be my mind playing tricks on me), anyway here's one at zak:

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    Hmmm that's the first Mech video with unlimited 4th Job Siege Mode that I've seen! :o

    The weird thing is... what's with the cooldown data being still in the data? o.0

    P.S. Speed seems to be the same, the video just has too low FPS to show Siege Mode speed, the sound speed is the same as it is in gMS... ;)

  14. Lazy Mathematician Female
    IGN: MsJudith
    Server: Windia
    Level: 130
    Job: aran
    Guild: n/a
    Alliance: n/a


    That'd be because siege mode (2) is never actually used... D: ... according to my tests.

    I tested this out the other day and posted the result in Joe's thread.

    Siege mode (2) is 115% damage when maxed (in GMS atm). That damage fits NOTHING. It's not the damage I deal with in prototype siege mode... nor the damage I deal when in tank siege mode (I did take the 30% into account).

    The only thing that they use from siege mode (2) is the animation (I'm guessing here btw).
    But the damage comes straight from siege mode 1 (in 3rd job) with the 30% boost added in. This might explain the videos of unlimited 4th job siege mode, maybe?

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    Hmmm interesting! :)

    Yeah, I also never really saw a damage alteration with the Chaos Mechanic skill changes, so yeah, this might be the case indeed.

    Btw, what thead of Joe are we talking about here? I totally missed that one! :o

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    I've been looking at youtube videos and it seems that the Battlemage's Auras have new animations and you can on all 3 of them at once.



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