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Thread: -Hime- says...

  1. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Basic0 -Hime- says...

    The new Nexon forums has a "Nexon Tracker" feature, as well as the normal vBulletin "find forum posts" (of a specific user). That allows for quick finding whatever Hime, Waltzing, and w/e other Nexon employees elect to comment on, without dumpster-diving (Hime's own word) for it.

    I'm going to try to put in this thread any utterances that might be of interest to the SP population. I do not recommend having Notify track her. Even though she posts little, a lot of it is random chitchat.

    PayByCash bonus
    Gold buying
    Hacking compensation

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    Is CWKPQ still bugged in GMS or something?

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    Yep. Old news, acually.

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 275
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Peaceful


    It's closed off.
    When it started crashing (in Big Bang, I think?), they first rerouted the Keep's entry portal to Henesys, and then later removed it from the map entirely, and thus it remains since.
    I am particularly worried when Hime says "we" and not "I" - I take it to mean the fixing, whatever it is, is being done in Korea. Nexon America has no control and no knowledge of when, if ever, Korea will do it for them.

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    The last quote made me laugh.

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    oh, this sounds suspiciously like nexon has given up on preventing hacks and bots and is limiting themselves to passing along advice about how to be a good person.

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    Funny part is none of the actual legitimate sellers ever ask you for account information, just a confirmation from your email. I say with this confidence and experience of being forced to buy mesos for friends I didn't want to quit after they got hacked by nexon's exploits. Though I do purchase NX from said sites frequently.

    Essentially it's : Purchase, go to live chat, give confirmation number, reply with email associated with your banking email, set up shop, let them buy, or press in MTS.

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    You forgot a step there.

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    Chaos, not Big Bang.

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    I'm pretty sure it was more like Shockwave.

  11. Flatpanel TV
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    i know for sure it wasnt big bang, ive gone though many cwkpq runs on my wild hunter. i think it was aftershock

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    I'm sorry but have you ever used a live chat service? It's not even a requirement, they automatically message you in game, if not they email you. Stop being so naive lol

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    Live chat on their site.
    Not in game.
    Talked to a hacker who worked for a meso selling site who spoke unusually good engrish who told me that was how they made a lot of their mesos. They set up a livechat on their site and since it's a IRC channel (private), it asks you if you want to run java for the IRC. That downloads a keylogger as well as enabling java to run.
    I have odd conversations occasionally.

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    And those are scams. Both OG/Swag don't even request java. I've gotten calls from both organizations who would tell me that the package is ready. I'm sorry but it's these assumptions players make that allow nexon to scapegoat, and frankly they are more reliable than nexon itself.

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    Yes they're scams.
    Your so-called "legit" meso selling sites may not download your information but others may.
    Because really, who's going to suspect it?

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    Any maple related site, movie site, anime site that asks you to download something in order to use their product is a scam. It isn't solely maple, it's for any product. Idk what site you were referring to but I've been on 3 with no problem, all were NX related though, not meso, besides maybe 4 instances that were not for me.

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    Wow how hard can it be to fix cwkpq?
    It was working fine up until chaos cant they just strip it back til they find the fault(s)?

    Yet another "high level" activity they are too lazy to fix. ./end rant

    I did find their reply to gold selling sites funny through its a nice approach but sadly would never work since doing things right and having some kind of morality isn't respected over the internet.

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    It's not always a download...
    You know when you go on an IRC they ask you if you want to let blah blah program run for it?
    That's the keylogger.

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    I like this system, although based off it's previous use in Dragon Nest, it's will also make it painfully obvious how infrequently Nexon will actually communicate with us via -Hime-.
    I don't trust the meso selling websites. More than a few people claim to have been hacked after visiting one, and it makes sense because these businesses have nothing to lose from hacking you.
    Amusing that Hime thinks "community backlash" is some form of a deterrent to buying mesos.



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