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Thread: [Movies] The Avengers

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    Default The Avengers

    Well, trailer's out.

    Definitely something I can get excited over, but I feel it might have pacing issues considering that there are so many major characters. There's only so much you can fit into a 2 hour movie.

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    Well I'm freakin' excited now, if I wasn't before. :D

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    I wan't this movie out NOW! I have been tracking the Avengers movie for so long.

    Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, The Arrow, Black Widow, Nick Fury vs. Lucky.

    This is gonna be so awesome. And once the other heroes joins them at the next movies... it's going to be awesome.

    The only thing I don't like much is no Ant-man yet.

    Still, it's going to be awesome.

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    "new" trailer is out.

    I cannot contain myself with excitement for this movie.

    that, and Scarlett Johansson looks pretty hot in her uniform.

    also, it's Hawkeye :p

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    Just saw the second trailer too!!!

    O M G





  6. Default Re: The Avengers

    Wow so much hype :o

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    Default Re: The Avengers

    God damit that looks badass. I soo wish I could see it in theaters.

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    MUST. SEE!

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    oh my god, I am jealous

    I have all the movies myself, but nothing beats cinema experience.

    also, The Avengers has premiere in Denmark April 26th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I hate you all. I'm so jelly. LOL

    This move is on my most want and that titans one coming out HNGGG

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    Default Re: The Avengers

    I'm definitely seeing this one in theater, maybe even the midnight premiere.

    I bet Robert Downy Jr. steals the show. Hot damn at Scarlett Johansson.

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    Default Re: The Avengers

    It looks ok.
    I bet it's gonna focus on Iron Man far too much, i hate Iron Man. i hate the character, i hated the films.

    In fact, to be honest, i don't think i really liked any of the films these characters were in.
    I think the only one i didn't almost fall asleep watching was Thor, and that's probably only cause the actor who plays Thor is a hunk.

    I'm still gonna watch this, and i hope it beats my expectations. But i doubt it.

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    Default Re: The Avengers

    It's been confirmed by Joss that the movie point of view will be 3/4 from Captain America. Since for Captain is a "new world", it's supposdly easier for the audience to relate.

    Or something like that, I don't remember the article that much.

    Too bad there aren't any 24 hours till midnight screening of the other movies here in México.

  14. Default Re: The Avengers

    New Japanese Trailer with more sneak peaks! :D



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