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Thread: Remove a Game

  1. Default Remove a Game

    Some games are absolute crap.
    They may be horrible quality, horribly glitched, or just horrible period.

    When you find one, report it here. Argue it amongst yourselves.
    If at least three of you agree it needs to die a vote can be created with the options (remove, keep, no opinion), with the URL of the offending game so others can test it out, and if after a week the overwhelming consensus is the game is crap, it will be removed.

    Games that are reported as inappropriate content, or violating the rules in some way may be removed sooner.

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    I don't know about everyone else, but I find these absolutely horribad:

    Celebrity Smackdown (ALL)
    Flash Bird
    Pathfinder (I don't know about everyone else...but when I play it, it gets wonky)
    Tic Tac Apple (The computers SUCK! But I suppose it kills time)

    That's about it.

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    Seconding these.


    All the Pacman games are pretty terrible quality wise.
    Castlevania doesn't even load after the intro.
    Megaman game sucks.

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    I enjoyed them.
    Absolutely miffed they have no scoring though.

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    The ghosts on the pac man game dosen't even follow the behavior of the original game, they all chase you.

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    So your complaint is it's actually challenging because they have a more modern AI?

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    it would make more sense if they didn't do that in level one, though.


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    You need to give a reason why, silly.

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    Either I don't know how to play (and the instructions suck) or it doesn't function correctly, I keep rolling the dice and clicking about and nothing happens >:(

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    It works perfectly. Do you know how to play Yahtzee normally?

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    :O you can click on the blue squares!

    though submitting didn't work :(

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    yahtzee works fine, but high scores for it dont

    edit so i dont double post..
    celeb smackdown (all) (barely a game)
    pathfinder (lame)
    tic tac apple (ai sucks)
    flash bird (broken)

    castlevania (broken)

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    I'm picky. They just don't capture the feel of the original. I know there's one flash version that is really well done and might actually record scores, but I couldn't tell you where to find it.

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    That'd be absolutely critical because otherwise it's needle in a haystack. And the entire internet is the hay.


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    Do you really think I want to put up a game that has a specific C&D for copyright infringement up?

    It wasn't made for our arcade system anyway so you still wouldn't have any scoring.

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    pineappleing remove it....I got 3 Yahtzees in one game and on the flash version you cant get 100 points per Yahtzee ./ragequit



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