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    I don't get it. Why does everyone say its 6x a day max? You can buy as many of those CS tickets as you want. You're not limited to buying one package a day.

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    Probably because Nexon's announcement made it seem that way.

    It does say something about buying CS tickets for 5 more chances per day, IIRC. I can't confirm or deny the correctness of anything, though.

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    Because even the NPC says you can only enter up to six times per day. o_o Am I missing something? Of course you can buy as many of the tickets as you want, but you can only go in six times per day.

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    I did.. You can't, even if you buy more tickets from the CS. It's 6 times a day max.

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    What's the point in doing this thing anyways. you'd need 330+ crystals to get anywhere near the mastery/skillbooks. Tjose without the NX to spare get to have a simple 19-30 average for 14 days, giving around (at max of 30 per day), you still only get 450... what can you get with that? 20 power elixers.

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    I still don't understand how this works. The first ticket is free and then you have to buy it from CS? Does Naomi initiate another quest after you turn in the 100 crystals or do you just save them up for whatever reward you want?

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    Upon meeting with Naomi, you can initiate the first invitation quest, which in result gives you a free event ticket.
    After 24 hours (I believe 24 hours after getting the ticket), you can go up to her again and the first invitation quest comes up again, meaning you can get another ticket.

    Once you collected 100+ crystals, Naomi has a new quest (Invitation 2). Here, you can exchange your crystals for rewards.
    You can save up the crystals for any reward you want.

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    Saver, have you successfully gathered more than 100 crystals in 24 hours? I'm concerned because I saw someone post in another thread that it wouldn't let them get more than 100. If the max per day is 100, then it's impossible for those like me, who didn't start it with 6 tickets on the very first day of this two-week event, to get 1500 tickets.

    So, after getting 100 in 24 hours, can you still get more?

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    I see...thanks for the info. I'm not going to buy the tickets because I don't have NX so I guess I have to wait 24 hours.

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    Ok, NXless, I made a roundabout... And I could get 450 MAX.


    I'm going to stack on mice transformations.

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    No, you can get as many as you can get, theres no limit. But 100+ in one day off of 1 ticket is 100% impossible, even with 2x drop.

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    Yeah, I knew that much, from seeing people post their drop rates. I was concerned that it might be pointless for me to spend my next three months' NX budget to buy the event tickets if we were limited by some glitch to collecting 100 crystals per day.

    Now that I know it's not that stupid, I guess I'll start collecting tonight. The Moonstar chair should be within my reach without getting a 2x Drop card.

    Thanks to you and others for clearing this up!

    B> HB Helper for mini-dungeons!

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    One person in at a time

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    you can get hbed before entering :D

    I've gotten 1100 ish total so far on my main soon to have my chair :D
    I can't wait!

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    Are you guys really paying to participate in that event? :o

    You gotta give Nexon the credits for inventing something more profitable then harddrugs itself!... lol

    Really, for some people Maplestory = More expensive then Cocaine! :X

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    You can only enter 6 times a day. Ive tried going in more to no avail. However, though the Naomi quest for the free ticket is once every 24 hours, your entering timer resets at midnight.

    Im getting close to 700... =X Currently thinking of investing in 2x exp, lol.

    @ person above: MTS is paying for this event, not me so yes, someone else's money is going into this event... its just not mine. *has never spent real money on this game before*



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