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  1. Default [1.2.172] More new job information

    I won't be able to fully finish this topic until late Friday or Saturday. I'm going to be very busy due to work and going home for the weekend to see my family. I will have standard extraction (donators first, then release to public), but I thought I'd show you guys a couple of images from the new extraction as to not leave you hanging too much.

    See you on Friday/Saturday. :)

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    I must say that they look really awesome. The art is amazing. It looks different than the traditional kind of Maplestory art, too.

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    I this clarifies the elemental pirate.
    I just checked insoya and for now you can only choose the pirate and not the other classes since it is still in testing.
    Roughly translated this new thing is called the Knights of Signus.
    Once you are over lv 10, you can choose the class but right now only the pirate one is available.
    I'm kind of busy also to translate the thing...let's just wait for Paul.

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    Max level120 and they gain 6ap per level. There must be something more to it, like a party bonus with those new classes.

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    WIZARD OF O-/shot

    Warrior, Wizard, and Archer look awesome. Thief and Pirate look like crap.
    Nineheart is emo, and Signus is old.

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    Anyone else think "Windreavers, Flamekeepers, Stormcasters and Shadowknights"?

    God damn they look epic. pineapple pirates, give me these NOW.

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    ME. Also... isn't this odd? I mean, they are refered as individuals, instead of a class...

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    She's all like "ya mess with me bishes I gotta cool ass white cape"

    Nineheart FTW!!
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    That would be a monocle.

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    lol oops too excited

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    Wow, I really like this type of art. But, are you sure this is job related? They could just be NPCs. T_T

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    They are the NPCs. This new thing they're coming up with gives you additional bonuses, skills for each of the 5 classes we have. Currently
    only the pirate one is available.

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    Looks really great, especially the bowgirl =P
    I'll wait for this, but I hope it doesnt dissapoint me

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    So the new pirate skills that Fiel was showing us; aren't a new branch of pirates? They're just new skills we can obtain?

  15. Proton
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    Soul Master plz :DDD

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    To enter the Knights of Signus, your character has to be level 30+. You sign up for this and you get a new character called Noblesse, which is like a beginner. If you already have 3 characters, you have to delete one or this new character will not be created. Then you choose from the 5 classes and right now only pirate is available. So in a way it could be new jobs. And as Skylicious said, you can only level up to 120 and you gain 6 aps each level
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    Why max. lv 120? Thats just weird o.o

  18. Wanderer of the Dark
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    Job: I/L Mage
    Guild: lifestream
    Alliance: i wish


    finally, this is the kind of depth and development ive been wanting to see in maplestory. i can not wait till this gets fleshed out more. im on pins and needles as it is



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