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  1. Default [1.2.390] Mercedes Changes

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    (PvE) Skill Changes



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    Wait that scroll... If im reading right does it reset Items that can level up (Like reverse) to lvl 0 or google translate is failing me?

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    Cross Piercing appears to be unchanged, except for the 2% damage increase from being four hits.
    Soul Purify has been corrected to remove its MP draining effect that the level readout never noted to begin with, only the description.
    Unicorn Spike gets a justified damage increase and effect improvement. The 5 hit limit made it not worthwhile. 20 hits on a boss can be considerable, though with Ring of Ishtar, it'll go by too quickly, like a Bow Master casting Ultimate Inferno for the DoT.
    Gust Drive gets a deserved delay decrease, though it may still be garbage. Description change just clarifies the jumping requirement; it previously only stated you needed 120% Jump, it did not say you needed to have jumped.
    Ring of Ishtar's movement ability was removed. Passive damage increase to Strike Dualshot was added.
    Legendary Spear's damage seems somewhat unwarranted. Woops. Didn't notice Legendary Spear had 100% Critical Rate before and that was removed. Seems okay now. The passive boost to Leap Tornado seems necessary since Leap Tornado was one of those skills that are only useful in 3rd job, and not even very much at that it seems.
    Defense Break is a small helper compared to other jobs that have constant reduction, since Legendary Spear's defense reduction affected them a lot less due to this mechanic.
    High Kick Demolition's description clarifies it has a passive damage increase to Charge Drive.

    I like the direction they're taking with passive skill bonuses. It really promotes the fact that skills from previous job levels are useful and can still be used. Even though Strike Dualshot was the 3rd job single target, it becomes a really really strong 4th job 4target skill with this buff, doing ~8000%/s to 4 monsters I believe, which is almost as much as most mob skills on 6.

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    Am I wrong or did they get the level requirement for the 'reverse' and 'timeless' bowguns backwards? (lvl 125 for the 3 level reverse and lvl 120 for the 5 level timeless)

    And as far as Spear goes, it gained damage but it lost its 100% crit ability. Fair trade in my eyes.

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    Yeah, the damage change is almost 0%, but now it can get a boost from Critical Hit Rate effects.

    I think the biggest change is the nerf to Ring of Ishtar so you can't move using it any more.
    I'm looking at this more and wondering why Gust Drive is so bad, and I'm gonna guess it's like Flying Assaulter and it has the ability to chain into Charge Drive more quickly than the delay listed. Otherwise, it's useless except for travel and rushing. Its damage is so bad, 2nd job skills from pretty much every other class does better DPS.

    Fiel, does the data state the maximum range of Dual Bowguns anywhere?

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    But that only shows swings and not the shots themselves. I think the shot distances are hard coded.

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    Sucks. Guess I'll hop on KMS when these get released and hope I can get some range tests as well as speed tests done. And then maybe level to 3rd job to see how bad Gust Drive and Leap Tornado really are.

    If it has lower range, it may justify some of the strength it has compared to other archers early on, as well as the rushing and movement skills. Have you checked if there were additional delays involved with Charge Drive? The skill tables were missing the second attacking animation involved as well.

    Anyways. I should get some sleep. lol.

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    is it too early to plan on her equips now ? i think im just gonna make stuff using profession and hopefully get the Legendary ring event so i dont have to get another ring during chaos.

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    Basically, they just look like you're dual-wielding crossbows, except that they get turned on the side every now and then instead of always being held upright.

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    I wanna see some DB esque control. Jump tornado -> Flying pierce -> rush -> impale up -> lightning?

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    Is it true?

    She can no longer walk while using Hurricane? (Yes, I'm calling it Hurricane)


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    That sure is some nice exp gain in tespia, 119-120 in around 5 minutes...

    I'm hating how every skill nowdays hits for 74515414523 times and fills up the screen. I'd much rather see 1 hit of 40k than 4 hits of 10k, so I can see whats going on and not get lost in a sea of numbers...

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    This video basically outlines how much Gust Drive sucks.
    Leap Tornado is looking really nice for utility. Strike Dualshot dominates heavily though.

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    It resets the entire item to completely un-potentialed, scrolled, and un-levelled.

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    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Is there a benefit other than giving a second chance to completely s'hitty items?

    I could see them being used once but keeping the stats it used to have. Basically a super powered clean slate scroll.

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    Think of chaos'able items like blackfists.



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