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  1. Default TF2 Thread, now featuring HALLOWEEN!

    Yesterday, Valve unveiled the Uber Update, a return to the day-by-day updates of TF2, with some new weapons and (more importantly) Meet the Medic being released this Thursday.

    Oh, and there's going to be a free weekend or something, too.
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    The Tomislav looks like a weapon I would use, since I use the Degreaser I love switching weapons faster.

    The other weapons are meh, especially the Spy ones, seems like very frustrating to use since escaping becomes more difficult.

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    Today's update involves a 100% melee Demoman loadout.

    Behold, Day 2: TimbukTuesday.

    In my opinion, today's reveals were kinda... Meh. A set that turns the Demoknight into a 100% pure melee class... The sword's ability to turn ammo into health is pretty unique, though.

    I can see this loadout becoming popular: Booties, Stickybomb Launcher, Bottle. 200 HP Demomen that spam stickies all over the place.

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    inb4 wacky wednesday

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    Ew, the sniper rifle looks ugly.

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    I usually go around as a Spy though, so I always like to see Spy weapons released. That dagger looks pretty handy, but I want to see what the full set gives since I like the current set bonus of silently cloaking and uncloaking (deadly bonus when combined with the Dead Ringer).

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    Quadruple with the FoN.


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    but you could already quad, even quint jump with the FaN and the boston basher

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    It's not practical and you know it. It lets you fling your corpse very very far though.

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    Bazaar Bargain: Again, you get a penalty for failing, I don't like that.
    Shahanshar: I'm or full health or dead as a Sniper, so I won't use this.
    Splendid Screen: Can be usefull in maps where you don't have much room to charge.
    Persian Persuader: I prefer having my Grenade Launcher as a backup weapon.
    Ali Baba's Wee Booties: Sounds difficult to use. :S
    Soda Popper: I never got used to the faster firing Scatterguns, but if I choose scout to do damage and not to cap intels, I could use this.
    Atomizer: This is for when I want to cap intels and not want to do damage, I'll use this.
    Winger: I barely use pistols

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    That Scout page wasn't there originally! D:<

    My opinions on...

    The Soda Popper: So it's a FaN that earns mini-crits instead of having obnoxious knockback. Seems okay, I guess. I can see this either having a good combo with Crit-a-Cola, or a bad combo with Crit-a-Cola.

    The Atomizer: Fair trade off. Less damage for more maneuverability, and the possibility of Goomba-Stomping enemies for 10 damage.

    The Winger: Seems rather useless. You only get 5 bullets and in exchange you get an amazing extra 2 damage per shot.

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    I wonder if these are going to have actual set bonuses.

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    Nice to have a big update again. A week of free is generous of them too.

    The Heavy and Spy gear doesnít have much appeal to me. I already prefer what we have.

    100% melee Demo. Well they have already made the Demo pretty melee focused so I guess itís a logical step but I dunno how I feel about that. I wouldnít use it personally since I canít give up sticky bombs.

    I donít think I would use anything from the Sniper set either since Iím a terrible shot ha ha. Iíve played around with the rifle in Beta and if you are consistent itís pretty good. So I guess that means some other beta items will make it into this update? One of the Soldiers new rocket launchers I guess. The Quickfix and hopefully the Detonator for the Pyro, I want to see that in the game.

    I remember that scout set from the polycount submission. I like the sound of the scatter gun but as everyone says the pistol seems trivial and the bat, Iíll be interested to see how people use it in game.

    I hope the Engi update adds something along the lines of the gunslinger and modifies what they can build.

    Oh and more official maps. A nice new CTF map please.

    I hope not.

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    I'm still having my hopes up for a good TC map. The current problem isn't TC itself, it's tc_hydro. :S

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    Day 3 is World War Wednesday, featuring two Soldier packs.

    The Mantreads are interesting. You get knocked around less by enemy forces and can goomba-stomp enemies. Slightly more useful than the Gunboats, but I don't see people using them for very long.

    The Disciplinary Action is also interesting. In exchange for 25% damage on a class who never uses his melee, you can smack an ally to boost his and your speeds for a short time.

    The Liberty Launcher is pretty much a cross between the Black Box and the Direct Hit. Faster rockets in exchange for one less loaded rocket. Not too interesting.

    The Reserve Shooter is probably going to be stapled on every Soldier ever, since it increases weapon switch speed and mini-crits airborne enemies temporarily. Looks like a combo between Frontier Justice and the Degreaser. The less ammo loaded isn't a problem, since most Soldiers only use their shotguns to finish off enemies anyway (and since it mini-crits on juggled guys, you're probably not going to need the three shells)

    The Market Gardener is also interesting. Guaranteed crits while rocket jumping. I don't see many people giving up their Equalizer, though (unless the beta nerf makes it into the game with this update)

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    No hidden pages on the day 3 page. :c

    I like the new soldier weapons! Really focused on the rockets now.

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    I hope, even though it probably won't happen, that the pyro and engineer get some love in addition to the medic.



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