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  1. Default [KMS] [1.2.133] potentialGrade

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    There was one other thing that was new in this patch. The quest data changed.

    A lot.

    Almost 99% of items given out by a quest now has a new property attached to it within the quest data called "potentialGrade". The value for potentialGrade is always the same - 노멀. I wonder what this could mean?

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    Items given from quests including PQS can have potential on them at the same rate?

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    Potential items coming out of quests now. Thats what I think at least.

    ninja'd by few seconds

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    sounds like fun :)

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    That's handy! Now quests rewards aren't useless.

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    If I had to take a stab, it means that some quest rewards can come as normal/unique/epic or pre-cubed. What doesn't make sense, though, is that potentialGrade is also attached to consumable items received from quests. How can a consumable item have a potentialGrade? That doesn't make sense to me.

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    "Normal" would imply none/default, so everything would be Normal potential until they get around to adding actual potentials to items.

  8. darkmonkey13


    What consumables are potentialed? I think that Nexon might be letting you make "Superpots," or changeable pots. Imagine having a buff pot that you could potential to give 30% boss. Epic. But that would give such an unfair advantage to funded players, it wouldn't be funny.

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    Well, PQs already give out potential'd items at a certain rate. So I don't think it's that.

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    Funded players already have an unfair advantage. I'm all for pots that give %pdr ignore! But I don't think that'll happen. Don't know though, as those pots that give 2k (or 4k?) hp for 2 hours are pretty exciting.

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    Yeah, I just regexp'd everything. All items are set to "normal". Pretty disappointing that this is text and not a flag.

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    Mmm i cant wait for those xD how hard are they to make?

    I want some decent HB pots

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    it's how the state of the item you get is on reveal.
    a lot of people have been smegaing unique pq items on first reveal.
    a friend of mine got 15% dex on his kenta goggles, on first try, and he is not the only one.

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    it means that pq items now ALL come with potentil

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    If this means I have to re-do all my quests AGAIN, I'm going to become violent.

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    And why the hell would every quest get reset? That makes no sense. There's only going to be an update which provides a possible free potential bonus.

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    I thought a change in quest data = quest gets reset. Wasn't that what happened in Big Bang?

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    No, it isn't. Quests weren't changed in Big Bang, they were replaced. So long as the Quest ID Number remains the same, then you won't have to re-do them.

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    Oh, I see. Thanks for enlightening me (=



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