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  1. Default [1.2.170] Elemental Pirates? New pet!

    Credit to ZYXWVUT for the translations!

    New pet!

    Description: 도무지 무슨 생각을 하고 있는지 알 수 없는 달팽이다.\n#c스킬:메소줍기, 아이템 줍기, HP 물약충전, MP 물약충전, 자동 줍기#.
    Translated Description: It's a snail that no one can tell what it's thinking of. Skill: Meso pick-up, item pick-up, auto-HP potion, auto-MP potion, auto loot.
    Fiel's note: Only lasts for 10 hours until it dies.

    New skills!

    1. There is a new job called "매니저 스킬북" (Manager Skillbook). He has two skills, 매크로 테스트 (Bot test) and 텔레포트 (Teleport).

    2. GMs and SuperGMs were given the same Bot Test ability.

    3. A new job class was added called "해적 입문서" (Adventures of? The korean text here matches the name for the base "Pirate" skillbook). The WZ files refer to these skills as job ID 1500.

    4. A new job class was added called "인파이터 가이드" (Infighter Guide). The WZ files refer to these skills as job ID 1510.

    5. A new job class was added called "버커니어의 길" (Buccaneer's Road). The WZ files refer to these skills as job ID 1511.

    What are these new jobs all about?

    My best guess is that these jobs are for tutorial purposes. You know how many people ask on forums "Which job should I be?" This will attempt to rectify those questions by allowing players to give each job class a test run.

    For the base pirate class (jobID 1500), the gunslinger skills were removed. Instead, only the following skills remain: Quick Motion, Straight, Somersault Kick, Dash, and Lightning.

    Wait... Lightning? Yup, it's a new skill.

    Skill information on Lightning

    In the next job (jobID 1510), which is called the Infighter class in the WZ files, things get a little screwy. Let me state all of the skills explicitly: Improving Max HP Increase, Knuckle Mastery, Knuckle Booster, Screw Punch, Energy Charge (!!!), Energy Buster (!!!), and 라이트닝 차지 (Lightning Charge).

    All of the skills are pretty self-explanatory, but let's have a look at Lightning:

    A look into the skill Lightning Charge

    Finally, there's the last new job (jobID 1511), the Buccaneer. I will list their skills: Critical Punch (see note), Drain, Transform, Shockwave, Fist, Wind Booster, Sparks (??!), and Sharks (??!).

    Note: The Critical Punch skill is not the same as Stun Mastery here. In this case, the data shown here is the same as a Bowman's critical (20 levels, 40% probability, +100% damage) and uses the same skill icon as the Bowman's critical.

    A look into the skill Sparks

    Annnnd Sharks!
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  2. Default

    Wow.. o_O

    That's some nice stuff! Gotta love the Snail pet

    DO WANT.

  3. Default

    wow wtp!!! So pirates are getting a sort of beholder skill like dark knights?

    If the gunslinger moves were removed for 1st job, what are gunslingers supposed to use during first job? Melee attacks?

    I guess it's like a fresh assassin only being able to use double stab, and getting lucky 7 in 2nd job oO

    Man I really hope I'm reading this right; its a bit confusing since alot of it is untranslated
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  4. Default

    Nope, not quite. These jobs are new and use different jobID numbers. They are only related to pirates in that most of the skillset is the same.

  5. Default

    oO 3rd branch of pirates? wow

  6. Default

    I think they're making a 3rd branch job for pirates, which act like kind of magician~bowman.. just weaker.

    also, the GMs are getting new skill.. bot test? sound to me like a new tool to catch the hackers..

    and lastly,
    but it lasts for 10 hours only?! wtp? D:
    anyway, where's my lvl 140 purple snail?!

  7. Default

    "Bot Test" forces the player into taking a lie detector test.

  8. Default

    Probably an event item like easter safety charms in Global.

  9. Default

    Awwww that snail is so cute Its a pity it lasts for so little time.

  10. Default

    Fly my sharks, Fly!

    I believe Fiel did mention that the new pirate class was a test mostly... y/n?

  11. Default

    Ok forget infighters, i'm making an elemental/summoning pirate

  12. Default

    well this is good to see more work come out of KMST =)
    and the new pet looks like "Bob" incarnated LOL
    Love the skill effects O.o

    Thanks for the show Fiel

    Edit: any Chance we can see all the sprites for the Snail?
    *_* loved to see that
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  13. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    Dang, a beholder at second/first job...?

    Wonder how the pet snail relates. Perhaps only 100 nx cash, or you don't need any?

  14. Default

    Wow they are really trying to throw a spanner in the works...some wierd info there.

  15. Default

    Wow, so are we finally getting Seamen? xD
    "Shark Throw" looks great. I wanna know more about this class/branch/test job

  16. Default

    You can get the Snail pet for free, Mar the Fairy will give you a quest that you will need to complete to get this pet.

  17. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A


    Can you get multiples? I mean, after the first one expires, you can get another one?

    By the looks of it, it also has meso magnet + item pouch + hp/mp too, so that'll come extremely useful =).

  18. Default

    Probably not since you can't revive this pet.

  19. DUCKS
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    Stealing skills from other classes? That's pirates for ye.

  20. Default

    My guess is that they are not done developing the new job and are rather trying out some developmental skill....
    ALSO STR AND INT CHAR FTW? Whats stat is this gonna use?

    Also animations look 4th job quality IMO.



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